Laure Shang Teases with New Album: Hello World

It hasn’t been too long since Laure Shang released Nightmare, but she’s already teasing her fans with images from her upcoming album Hello World, which she’s producing and composing, as well as taking charge of her image, her MVs, and graphic design.

The concept of the album seems to be following that of the world music market, which she initiated by releasing Nightmare in English.

Fashion photographer Huyenchi Bang (彭炫芝) got together with cutting-edge fashion designer Larry Pan for the concept of this new project, which will include fusion of Indian music, French lyrics, and a whole variety of ethereal music genres.

You can visit Huyenchi Bang’s official portfolio at, or his Sina blog.

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  1. daqing li says:

    The most amazing thing about Laure Shang is the huge progress she made both in music and in fashion in last five years. She become a professional musician who can produce and compose her own album from an amateure singer who even could not read staves. She also grow up to a fashion girl from a bookworm who knew nothing about cosmetics and washed her hair without shampoo.

    Now she learned how to express herself both in music and in fashion. She will definately bring more suprise to the world and to her fans.

    • amy says:

      @daqing li, she has come a long way, indeed. I remember the clips of her during Super Girl, she wasn’t that bad but she was rough on the edges.

  2. lisa says:

    I’m expecting too much for this alum by Laure Shang.

  3. Lily says:

    So amazing! Hoping we could have online music about her.

  4. daqing li says:

    The first new song is out. Lyrics in French, music mixed with India elements, sound like a godess wishpering at you ear. Amazing refreshing.

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