YAM Contest: Whistle Pass by KevaD

We continue on celebrating this year’s LGBT blogathon with yet another giveaway for you. This time around you can win a copy of KevaD’s Whistle Pass (the eBook not the paperback).

Here is what you can win:

On the battlefields of WWII Europe, Charlie Harris fell in love, and after the war, Roger marched home without a glance back. Ten years later, Charlie receives a cryptic summons and quickly departs for his former lover’s hometown of Whistle Pass.

But Roger Black isn’t the lover of Charlie’s dreams anymore. He’s a married, hard-bitten political schemer who wants to secure his future by destroying evidence of his indiscreet past. Open homosexuality is practically a death sentence, and that photo would ruin Roger and all his wife’s nefarious plans.

Caught up in foggy, tangled events, Charlie turns to hotel manager Gabe Kasper for help, and Gabe is intrigued by the haunted soldier who so desperately desires peace. When helping his new lover places Gabe in danger, the old warrior in Charlie will have to take drastic action to protect him… or condemn them both.

What you need to do?

Leave a comment on this post and we will draw two winners by Sunday.

So comment away, share the fun and remember to get your rainbow on!

If you are interested in buying KevaD’s novels, then you can head over to Dreamspinner Press to do so.

Part of the 2012 LGBT Blogathon.

6 Responses

  1. KevaD brings a fresh perspective to M/M fiction, often tackling “what if” subjects that take some wild turns. This is a story I’ve wanted for some time :)

  2. The premise sounds like a must-read. I know from reading your other books, KevaD, that your style is engaging and the plots provocative. I’d like to win. Yeah, I said that.

  3. I read & love all Genres of M/M Fiction but do not come across this storyline very often. I find KevaD’s Book, “Whistle Pass” a very intriguing read that would have me engaged throughout the entire book, than have me LQQking for additional Books from KevaD.
    I would very much appreciate the opportunity to be considered in this very generous giveaway a chance to win an eCopy of “Whistle “Pass”. Thank You.
    Take Care & Best Wishes,
    PaParanormalFan (Renee’)
    paranormalromancefan at yahoo dot com

  4. Jana Denardo says:

    I do love historical novels and this sounds so very interesting.

  5. K. A. Burton says:

    This is actually a perfect day for this book considering the Pentagon is annoucing that they will be celebrating a Gay Pride event. LGBT support and the military have come a long way in just one year. I think this would be a cool book to support. I can’t wait to read it!

  6. KevaD says:

    I just wanted to take a moment to thank all of you for your kind comments, and that I hope whoever wins copies of Whistle Pass enjoys my story.

    Thanks for entering the contest!