YAM Contest: The World in my Eyes by SingerSen

This contest is now over.

Happy New Year, everyone! The YAM Magazine team bears gifts to welcome this 2013!


That’s right! Those are THREE (3) copies of SingerSen’s first feature length album, The World in my Eyes (森视界), to give away to our kick-ass YAM Magazine readers and SingerSen (and Guy Sigsworth) music lovers.

But that’s not all~ each one of these copies is signed by SingerSen herself!


To be able to be one of our lucky THREE winners you only have to tell us how you discovered SingerSen’s music and what’s your favorite song of hers! We will contact three of you by email, so make sure you use a legit email address in the form below.

The contest ends on January 28th 00.00 hrs EST (Eastern Standard Time).

24 Responses

  1. Margot says:

    I discovered SingerSen by going through the “Cpop” tag on tumblr. When I get bored, it’s what I tend to do and a few months ago I came across and audio post for Ghost Street. I immediately fell in love with her voice. As for my favorite song, I would have to say that Drunk is my favorite SingerSen song, I love her vocals in it and the eerie feeling the music gives off at some points just draws me in.

  2. Andréa says:

    Hi =) I discovered Singersen thanks to the french Website Nautiljon. It’s been now one year. I think that singersen is a real artist. She brings us into her world, a strange world. I shared her musics to all my friends, and they all loved it too. My favorite song is Wolf. This song is really frightening, and I love it =) I heard that Singersen really love France . Please, come make concerts in France !! =D

  3. Nika says:

    Hello from Russia =) Youtube help me to discover SingerSen. I always searching for interesting music, that have atmosphere, style, interesting voice. At first i found “Drunk” music video, and it was awesome!!! I love a lot of her songs and it’s hard for me to name only one) So, it will be – Wolf, because i have so many emotions when i hear it! Sorry for my poor english ^^”
    Waiting for new music of SingerSen)

  4. Pedro Diaz says:

    I discovered SingerSen back with her debut EP “Sirens.” I believe the music video for “Drunk” was posted somewhere online (I think it was LiveJournal) and after I finished watching it I instantly fell in love! Then she released “Ghost Street” and I loved her even more. Her music is just so fantastic. I immediately bought her music on iTunes after I discovered her. I think my favorite SingerSen song is “Shadows” her vocals are just so hauntingly beautiful and I love how this song is a fusion of traditional Chinese instruments with a rock side. She is definitely my favorite Chinese musician!

  5. Maxie says:

    Hi there =) I came across SingerSen over a year ago now, completely unintentionally. I am a huge fan of Guy Sigsworth’s work and one day, I searched his name in YouTube and the videos for “Drunk” and “Shadows” came up – I was instantly hooked. She has the potential to become a force of nature in the music industry. Her voice alone sets her apart from everybody else, but her unusual lyrics against Guy’s intoxicating Electronica creates a magical little world for her fans.
    I’m not sure I could pick a favourite song, each and every one of her songs are special in their own way. But my top songs would have to be Drunk, Sirens, Cables & Dust.

  6. toma says:

    I discovered her on web. Watching on YouTube. And I saw her. I feel in love with her voice. My favourite song is ferry. Magical. <3

  7. Thao L. says:

    I found SingerSen when I was facebook creeping through one of my friend’s “Likes.” I was interested after browsing her FB site, and searched her on YouTube, and of course absolutely adored the song “Drunk” and have been a fan since. It was really a pleasant surprise to see YAM Mag post reviews of her stuff.
    Her style reminds me of Bjork, and although I’ve never been a huge fan of Bjork, I love SingerSen. Her music videos are always polished with great graphics, and she’s definitely one of my best musical finds lately. LOVE HER! :D

  8. Eve says:

    Hi! I discovered SingerSen’s music through LiveJournal, when it was more active and reliable than it is now. Her voice and music are lovely, and my favorite song from her is Ghost Street. :) Thanks for running this giveaway!

  9. Jenny says:

    The cpop group on Livejournal featured SingerSen in a post, so I mosied over to Youtube to get a taste. Drunk was the first song I heard from her and remains my favorite. There is something so eerie and strange about it, and her voice is so unique.

  10. Benjamin says:

    Hi from France !
    I’m a really huge fan of asian music and i did not know anything about Chinese Pop so I made some reasearches on a musical forum I often go. Someone has made a news about the new clip of Cables and the release of SingerSen’s first complete album.
    I was completely amazed by Cables and its music video so I looked on Deezer (a french platform of music streaming which works a bit as Spotify does) and the album was out !

    I really liked it so since i heard it, the songs has not stopped repeating on my computer. My favourite songs of the album are Shadows, Dust & Ghost Streets. However, this is not an album for me this something you must listen to without any break. This album is an incredible journey through a beautiful and mysterious world SingerSen has build on her own.

    If i had to pick only one song from the album, I would choose Dust. I love the way Singer Sen sings so quietly and the true denuded vibes the instrumental creates.

    Wow I’ve written so much, hope it will not be a drawback ^^

    Luck and support from a devoted fan.

  11. Miguel says:

    Hi I discovered SingerSen through the web and facebook. My favorite song is Snow Queen

  12. Tiffany says:

    This was sometime in August last year, where I was looking through the cpop livejournal community where I found that someone had featured her as an artist to watch out for. The person had posted the album cover for her second release and, captivated by the gorgeous album art, I zoomed over to YouTube to listen to her releases for myself. She does not have much exposure on the internet, so it was really difficult to find more information…I wish that weren’t the case!

    I think Footprints is my favorite track I’ve heard so far…it was hard to decide!

  13. AJ says:

    I was in the studio and my producer was playing SingerSen’s Sirens EP and I immediately fell in love. Guy is such an awesome producer and he really created beautiful sonic landscape for Singer’s great vocals and songwriting! It’s so hard to choose my favorite song, but Drunk is probably my most, most, MOST favorite!

  14. Yuan says:

    I knew her by searching Chinese music on wed, then I saw the video of “shadow”, and I love that song so much.

  15. urasamodna says:

    I discovered Sen’s music about a year ago. I watched ‘Shadows’ MV on YouTube. It blew my mind away. I fell in love with her voice. My favourite song is ‘Ghost Street’.

  16. Matt says:

    I found out about her on a web forum and was completely blown away by ‘Drunk’. Latter, I bought ‘Sirens’ from YesAsia! and I now am completely terrified not to find the album there wich I’d so much love to own physically. I must say Wolf is my favourite song, though. It’s just powerful.

  17. Surreal18 says:

    I discovered SingerSen casually when I was asking for suggestions of new & innovative music on an asian website.Somebody recommended SingerSen and when I first listened to her I was shocked.I was expecting to hear the same boring pop music but what I discovered was beyond my expectation.I really redescovered myself in her fantastic & ecletic music.I think that Asura is my favourite song because it’s like a mad tempest hybrid and it’s the song that gave me chills.Another special mention is The Wolf – I absolutely love her howl in this one …

  18. Tony says:

    I first heard about SingerSen when i was on an asian music forum and someone posted some of her youtube videos. I didn’t really know what to expect but i was completely blown away and have been obsessed ever since. My favorite song is Blue Jellyfish. It starts out beautiful then it hits you with the powerful chorus, and i just love it.

  19. Laura says:

    I discovered her when I typed ‘CPOP’ on youtube, then I saw MV for ‘Drunk’. I was surprised at first, but finally I fell in love with her music. My favourite song is ‘Drunk’, the first song I heard from SingerSen.

  20. Andrew says:

    I found out about SingerSen thanks to the online forum: Popjustice. I was never into Chinese music but I was curious about hers, as Guy Sigsworth is my favourite producer of all time. He always makes magic with the artists he produces, and Singer’s music was no exception. I was enchanted from the moment I heard “Sirens”, it was quite unlike anything I’ve heard thus far.

    I guess “Drunk” is my favourite song of hers, the raw energy in the vocals and production gets me every time I listen to it.

  21. Markus says:

    I discovered SingerSen thanks to Kate Havnevik’s facebook. She posted SingerSen’s cover of Castaway. Showed it to my friend, who’s a huge fan of Guy Sigsworth’s work, later he showed me her other songs. I felt in love in Drunk, and that’s my favourite song.

  22. catalin says:

    Oh..I found out about SingerSen on Last.fm and the first song that I listened to was Shadows.My favourite song of her must be the peaceful Dust because it builts up so nicely with the soft whispers in the beggining and her voice is so clean and nostalgic in the chorus.When I listen to this song I feel like I’m on the top of a hill in a windy autumn day.

  23. Cai says:

    Over a year ago, a friend of mine knew I had been in search of new music, and persuaded me to try SingerSen, telling me “this is a lot different from what you usually listen to”. And she was completely right. SingerSen’s music was unlike anything else I’d ever heard! The first song I heard was Sirens. I fell in love with her music at first listen and absolutely had to pick up a copy of her EP Sirens for myself. She’s become one of the most unique musicians I listen to, in my opinion, as well as a personal favourite. I had been anxiously waiting for the release of The World In My Eyes! Picking a favourite song by her is difficult but I think I’d have to go with Snow Queen. It’s hauntingly beautiful.

  24. Stephanie Fretel says:

    I discovered SingerSen thanks to YAM Maggazine. Since I saw this review, I fall in love with her immediately!

    She’s a beauty queen, a diva, an awsome singer, beautiful women..She is a artist that is unique.SingerSen has her own uniqueness,that what’s makes her interesting to watch her concept always stands out and what impresses me the most is her vocals skills.Also,She compose her own songs.This is evidenced by her latest album release.”THE WORLD IN MY EYES” is so addictive!Simply spectacular,all album is a treasure!I can’t stop replaying her songs ♥

    My favorite song of SingerSen is Heartbeats ♥(Absolutely gorgeous version!) I hear it again and again and again and I still love it like at the first day :) The song is catchy, and her voice is amazing! really beautiful!!
    I would be very very happy to win her album. :) Thank you, for doing this giveaway! And good luck to everyone!