Let the 2011 Classic Film Blogathon Begin!

Hello YAMmies and welcome to the 1939 Film Blogathon — the crash party version!

First off, we want to give our respect to the Classical Movie Blog Association. YAM Magazine thinks that it’s a great idea to round-up all the blogs that write about classical movies. It makes it easier for readers to find a blog they might like as well as making sure to spread the word about classic movies.

Plus, what’s more awesome than a gathering place for those classic movie lovers?

We really loved the idea of this blogathon, so we just had to crash it. Heck, YAM Magazine is region free, entertainment should be for everyone, so excuse us as we crash your blogathon. We will gladly stand in the corner and dance a little while getting overly drunk.

We really don’t know much about classic films, at least not enough to be able to talk comfortably about them, which is a damn pity because there is something fascinating about old movies.

First off, it is the start of cinema, all the movies from back in the day define the way cinema is today. Classic films are like a time machine to the past, a way to see how people lived and thought then. A way to see how they dressed and acted. We always found classic films to be so dramatic and beautiful.

Except for Marya and Kendra, the whole YAM Magazine staff needs this kind of event. We just might learn something from all the lovely posts you guys are going to share!

Remember that there is nothing right or wrong to write about during this short blogathon. Go nuts when it comes to anything and everything 1939. Explore, investigate, analyze, but most of all, have fun!

If you are just getting in on the fun, don’t forget to get your banners and link to:
2011 – 1939 Film Blogathon

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