Laure Shang Releases La Muse de la Nuit

Laure Shang has finally released the first track from her upcoming album Hello World. [1]

La Muse de la Nuit has a heavy new age influence, combined with some Indian music elements, including chants. The whole song is in French and starts with soft vocals that burst into a ball of energy.

We would love to get the lyrics.

You can listen to the track through Shang’s Weibo account. [no login required]

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  1. daqing li says:

    La Muse de la Nuit 夜之缪斯

    Jardin 花园 Eden 伊甸 Bien 善 Mal 恶 Savoir 智慧 Penser 思考

    Dors je veille sur toi mon amour 睡吧我的爱人,我守候着你

    Laisse-moi rentrer dans tes rêves 让我进入你的梦境

    Dans le jardin d’Eden ou tu te promène 在你游览的伊甸园里

    Dorment le bien et le mal 沉睡着善与恶

    Savoir, penser, rêver. Tout est là 智慧、思考、梦想。这就是一切

    Je crois ce que je dis, je fais ce que je crois 我相信我说的话,我做我相信的事

    Le soleil se lève le soleil se couche 太阳升起太阳落下

    Je reste toujours là 我会永远在那里

    Savoi r智慧 Penser 思考 Rêver 梦想

    La Muse chante, la Muse parle 缪斯女神唱歌,缪斯女神说话

  2. daqing li says:

    You are welcome. Just wish her music can be heard by more people especially someone can help her to realize her full potential to be an international musician and singer.

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