Chinese Indie Music & More: is Officially Launched

I just got this in my email~

Based in Beijing, Caoker (草壳 — meaning grass + nutshell) is a video site focusing on brand new independent music, live performances, independent film, fashion, and other forms of modern art.

At the moment they’ve got a pretty impressive selection of Chinese indie artists that include Xiao He (小河), Carsick Cars, Hedgehog (刺猬), Queen Sea Big Shark (后海大鲨鱼), Duck Fight Goose, and… okay, my bias — [email protected] (牛奶@咖啡), all with some videos and music streams. Moreover, their database not only includes Chinese-based bands, but also international ones like Germany’s The Thermals, America’s Deerhoof and Thao with the Get Down Stay Down, and Australia’s Lenka.

But you know this post is all about the Chinese indie scene.

Better yet, the interface is in Chinese AND English! Though not all profiles contain enough English information… at least you’re able to navigate easily. And… if you’re interested: when you sign up on, there’s an Artist Sign Up page.

Here’s some Carsick Cars embed of their song Mogu. Though, Zhong Nan Hai (中南海) is my favorite song of theirs [1]

There’s a YouTube version uploaded. I have interface and some usability issues with this website. But that’s to be expected from a video site that has just launched, I guess. One that can’t depend on YouTube’s ubiquity.

Anyway, in the email they also announced the following events:

  • Release of Snapline’s third studio album, Phenomena.
  • Release of Hedgehog’s sixth studio album, Sun Fun Gun.


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  1. daqing Li says:

    How come 牛奶咖啡 become Indie?Aren’t they signed with Huayi too?

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