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YAM Magazine loves all forms of entertainment. We love to consume it, but we love even more to be part of it. That is why we are always very happy to find projects that you (our readers) and we can be part of.

Mimyo is Yongmin Moon, a Korean singer that resides in France. For the upcoming release of the music video for his single, Left Words, he has started a project in where everybody is welcome to join.

Mimyo’s Left Words (feat. Big Baby Driver), is about the imagination that, all the words you had to swallow are hiding discretely in a silent library somewhere. For the purpose of making a video on the song, we’d like to ask you for a little participation.

Do you have anything that you just couldn’t say to somebody for any reason? Send us a video of yourself saying it. You have until May 6. All videos are to be sent to: tres.mimyo[at]

-We will never reveal the sound content of your video.
-If you want, it’s perfectly ok to film yourself talking without voice or even to delete the sound track.
-No limitation on place, camera angle, content or length.
-Your video might be treated, modified or edited for the purpose.

We intend to reveal the final result of the work during the month of May 2012. And for all who participated, we’ll give out a HD version of the video and the track “Left Words”, before the release of Mimyo’s EP at the end of May.

We urge all YAMmies to participate in this project! If you want more information, you can either mail us or visit Mimyo’s website or  his Facebook.

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  1. amy says:

    Oooh, I’m tempted to do this.

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