2011 YAM Magazine Year in Review

Most Sought-After

Top10 Features

  1. Kyss Mig: Interview with Josefin Tengblad and Liv Mjones
  2. Woody Allen Ranked
  3. YAM Loves: Eddie
  4. 2011 LGBT Blogathon
  5. YAM’s Top15 Films of 2011
  6. Who Are the Reigning Queen and Princess of Pop?
  7. Beginner’s Guide to Silent Films
  8. Korean Cinema vs. Korean Television
  9. Beginner’s Guide to Jay Chou
  10. Perfection in Motion: How I Fell in Love with China’s Super Girl

Top10 Reviews

  1. Kyss Mig
  2. LOVE, 100°C
  3. Glee – Season 2
  4. Bibi Zhou – Two-disc Sing Along the Travel DVD
  5. Ana Cristina
  6. SM Town Paris 2011
  7. J Rabbit – It’s Spring
  8. Nikita – Season 1
  9. Laure Shang – Nightmare
  10. Karate Girl

Don’t forget to check out our following list of 2011 highlights in entertainment:

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  1. Keep it up Amy and the team! Best wishes for 2012! :)

  2. Flora says:

    Best wishes~~

  3. ghost says:

    Congratulations on being online for a year! Will do my best to get into the Top10 next time around! Hardworking 2012!

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