My Favourite Cartoons

Tom & Jerry

There’s a high possibility that I might have seen every Tom & Jerry cartoon ever made. Yes, that includes the movies. For some reason my little brother was obsessed with Tom & Jerry. I can’t explain it. He could spend hours watching it. He was just glued to the television once it came on. I don’t even dare remember how many Tom & Jerry marathons we watched together.

Avatar: The Last Airbender

One of the best cartoons ever? Avatar, there are no ways I can begin to express how much I love you!

Me and the brother spent an entire summer glued to the television. By then he was ten and I was twenty, yet this cartoon managed to capture us both.

The tension, the action! Gah! I am still very passionate about it, I have seen it from beginning to end at least five times. Until this day one of the best cartoons ever! (there’s no point for me to say more, all is going to be biased nonsense).

Phineas and Ferb

One of the more modern cartoons that I really love. If I manage to catch it, I always watch, even if I have already seen the episodes .

It’s really cute, it’s not violent and it encourages kids to be creative. To me it’s a gem among other modern cartoons that irk me (again, a topic I will write about during this week). Phineas and Ferb is beautifully childish yet spunky, what’s not to love?

The Simpsons

Do I really need to state why? But I am not digging the newer seasons. I feel that The Simpsons has lost a little of their soul. Not surprising seeing as they have been going at it for so long.

When I’m at my parents’, I watch the Simpsons re-runs all day. With over 100 channels available, The Simpsons is always on somewhere. I may have seen some of the old episodes over 20 times, yet I never get tired of it. If there’s nothing better on the TV, then The Simpsons is always a sure card. I’m watching it as I’m typing this.


What’s some of your favourite cartoons?
What memories do you have from watching cartoons?

Part of YAM’s Unofficial Animation Week.


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  1. amy says:

    I was never big on Sailor Moon xD

    But OMG, Captain Planet LOL I actually burst out laughing. How lame was the heart one, though. xD

    I was okay with Popeye, I think my cousin was a bigger fan.

    According to my mother, I was a big fan of La Abeja Maya, LOL which I just found out is Japanese. I guess I was always a bit foreign xD but what I do remember (because there’s a photo of it) is that I was a big fan of the Thundercats. Because I had big wavy messy hair, I was Leono (aka. Lion-O for the Americans). I had my plastic sword and I was all “Oh, oh! Thundercats Ohhhhhhhh” LOL and because I shook the sword, the photo of it is kinda blurry it looks like it does get bigger like the real thing LOL

    Then, of course. Rugrats. All my cousins watched that, and the whole Nickelodeon lineup. I also used to watch the Cartoon Cartoon segment in Cartoon Network, when they were just pitching The Powerpuff Girls (they only had ONE episode back then) the same with Courage the Cowardly Dog (only one episode with the alien duck or goose haha), Johnny Bravo, 2 Stupid Dogs, Cow & Chicken, Dexter’s Lab – El Fantasma del Espacio de Costa a Costa LOL Garfield y sus Amigos xD Scooby Doo, and all the Looney Tunes shorts, Animaniacs, Pinky & the Brain, oh so many~

    I watched a lot of television xD if you want me to put more names, I can help you. LOL

    • Julili says:

      Dexter’s Lab! I knew I was missing something. I watched that so many times.
      Dude, I have issues with Cartoon Cartoons. Specially with Courage and Cow & Chiken. I think it was after 2000 when cartoons became so tasteless. So much violence and potty humor. It stopped being funny and it was more tragic.

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