My Favourite Cartoons

Do you guys remember the very first cartoon you ever saw? I know that I must have seen some cartoons way before the first cartoon I remember seeing — but my memory doesn’t stretch that far.

So here is a pseudo list of the cartoons that I utterly love.


My very first cartoon memory is Popeye (the original television cartoon from 1960). I remember watching this cartoon religiously.

When we lived in Peru, my parents and I lived with my grandparents and my mother’s siblings plus their families. We were 15 people who lived together. Add to that cousins and other family members that came in and out everyday — it was hectic.

The only alone time I had, was when Popeye came on the TV. Since none of my other cousins liked it, I was left to watch it by myself in my parents’ room. I remember the old TV that stood on the high dresser, me sitting on the floor looking up. I don’t know why, but I truly loved the show.

I loved it so much that one year I almost sacrificed my life for it. An earthquake shook while I was watching the show, I didn’t want to miss it so I stayed put in the room. My mum came running in to the house to get me, but found my cousin and ran out with her instead (she was in a panic). Once the show was over, I calmly walked out of the house while it was still shaking. That’s devotion.

I think my mum let me watch it because I would always eat my veggies after seeing it. I also wanted to be as strong as Popeye!

Sailor Moon

Who doesn’t remember watching Sailor Moon? I used to get up so early to be able to catch it on television. With my pyjamas still on, hugging my pillow. Singing along to the theme song and then swooning about Tuxedo Mask — man did I have the hugest crush on him! I wanted Sailor Moon and him to end up together so bad!

Funny thing is that I’m, as I write this, sitting on the same spot where I used to sit when I watched Sailor Moon. The television is new, so is the furniture — but I can see little me sitting there, in my powder blue pj’s, swooning *smiles*.

Captain Planet and the Planeteers

I saw this because it came right after Sailor Moon in the mornings (or was it before? I don’t remember). I totally idolised Captain Planet! He was so dashing! xD


This is totally thanks to my little brother. Ten years separates us so I got to experience childhood all over again with him. Most of this was spent glued to Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon.

But I don’t mind because I grew to love Nickelodeon, but my ode to their awesome 90’s cartoons will come later on.


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  1. amy says:

    I was never big on Sailor Moon xD

    But OMG, Captain Planet LOL I actually burst out laughing. How lame was the heart one, though. xD

    I was okay with Popeye, I think my cousin was a bigger fan.

    According to my mother, I was a big fan of La Abeja Maya, LOL which I just found out is Japanese. I guess I was always a bit foreign xD but what I do remember (because there’s a photo of it) is that I was a big fan of the Thundercats. Because I had big wavy messy hair, I was Leono (aka. Lion-O for the Americans). I had my plastic sword and I was all “Oh, oh! Thundercats Ohhhhhhhh” LOL and because I shook the sword, the photo of it is kinda blurry it looks like it does get bigger like the real thing LOL

    Then, of course. Rugrats. All my cousins watched that, and the whole Nickelodeon lineup. I also used to watch the Cartoon Cartoon segment in Cartoon Network, when they were just pitching The Powerpuff Girls (they only had ONE episode back then) the same with Courage the Cowardly Dog (only one episode with the alien duck or goose haha), Johnny Bravo, 2 Stupid Dogs, Cow & Chicken, Dexter’s Lab – El Fantasma del Espacio de Costa a Costa LOL Garfield y sus Amigos xD Scooby Doo, and all the Looney Tunes shorts, Animaniacs, Pinky & the Brain, oh so many~

    I watched a lot of television xD if you want me to put more names, I can help you. LOL

    • Julili says:

      Dexter’s Lab! I knew I was missing something. I watched that so many times.
      Dude, I have issues with Cartoon Cartoons. Specially with Courage and Cow & Chiken. I think it was after 2000 when cartoons became so tasteless. So much violence and potty humor. It stopped being funny and it was more tragic.

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