Glee and Other Stuff: Inside the Wandering Mind of Ryan Murphy

Amy: A lot of people hated season 2 of Popular, because it went drama on people…. but still had reall off-beat episodes
Rodrigo: Glee also went drama-heavy in Season 2 and even more in Season 3.
It came at the price of the show being less fun to watch
Amy: But Glee wasn’t brave enough to call one of their episodes “I Know What You Did Last Spring Break“. xD

Rodrigo: BTW, how did you feel about Glee covering songs from other artists? That was a big criticism point.
I didn’t actually mind the covers from Glee – unlike popular belief, I’m not a music snob. I did blame Glee for making me like Avril Lavigne’s Keep Holding On (coz it was so goddamn emotional LOL) and bob my head up and down to that Kelly Clarkson song. But there was a point when the show was more about what they were going to sing, than the show…
Rodrigo: At least, the use of songs in Season 1 made sense. Then, it became about what to do according to what was really charting. Like you, I didn’t mind who sang what for a while, until Glee started making the wrong people singing the wrong songs.
Amy: Haha, I thought Darren was singing all the good songs. xD
Rodrigo: His cover of It’s Not Unusual made me feel really bad for Tom Jones. Actually, I think the Warblers bastardizing Uptown Girl was even worse.

Rodrigo: Also, I believe Cory Monteith singing Hello I Love You from The Doors made Jim Morrison roll in his grave. But even someone like Lea Michele manages to screw it up on Baby One More Time and she’s technically Glee‘s best singer.
Amy: Well… yeah, can’t win them all. The problem for Baby, though, was that… they didn’t try to change anything… It was a shot by shot… like in Vogue.
Rodrigo: I think Glee‘s history with rock songs is very patchy. Somehow, Matthew Morrison and Neil Patrick Harris made Aerosmith’s Dream On actually work.
Amy: It’s because it’s NPH. xD
Rodrigo: And Joss Whedon as the director. That episode finally sold me on Glee. I was skeptical of Glee because I thought it was like High School Musical even without watching it, but my trust on Joss Whedon made me watch the whole thing.
Amy: Was that one of the back 9 or the second season?
Rodrigo: Back 9.
Amy: You were sold on the show pretty late. xD Almost near it’s burn stage.
Rodrigo: Two months before Season 2 began. I think the Back 9 had some great moment,s if you take away some of the shit invovling Kurt, Finn, Rachel and Jesse St. James. Without the Back 9, I don’t think Chris Colfer would have been an Emmy nominee.
Amy: Maybe not, but without the back 9 — to me, the show was pretty solid then. To be honest, I wish Rachel’s story would’ve just focus on being a star… She talks a lot about that, but she never does what she preaches.
Rodrigo: She went from the diva to a pathetic person who values her boyfriend more than anything else. Rachel’s arc was dealing with Finn and applying to a New York school.
Amy: And I liked Quinn – I think Murphy had a thing of making the Queen B good since he did that with Popular too — but it bored me when she had to deal with her drama with Finn. I didn’t mind the pregnancy, just the stuff with Finn. And then she just sat it back. And then in S3 she had “made a wrong turn“? LOL.
Rodrigo: Rachel chokes her audition in front of Whoopi Goldberg’s character. However, she gets the Entourage treatment by winning Nationals, Whoopi gets her into New Yor,k and disapproves Kurt despite him not choking on his audition. Finn doesn’t go to acting school (huge LOL-moment when Finn realizes he wants to be an actor), but he dumps Rachel so she can go to NYC, while he joins the Army.
Amy: O_O Okay? xD So we sacrifice other characters to make Finn look good. LOL

Amy: Our dislike for Finn doesn’t have anything to do with the Fall of Glee, though. Hahahaha.
Rodrigo: But he’s very prominent in the show.
Amy: It’s always been a problem that just got worse…
Rodrigo: It’s like untreated cancer.
Amy: The production seems to like him that way. And there’s people that like him.
Rodrigo: And nobody realizes how much of a jackass he is. No one calls him on his shit. This makes Glee and its characters look f*cking stupid too.
Amy: So what’s our conclusion? People suck? Haha
Rodrigo: I wonder if other actors would have made Finn Hudson, the way he is written, look better.
Amy: That’s a hard one to ask.
Rodrigo: Making a boring jackass work is insanely hard. Mad Men has Betty Draper as a boring and terrible bitch, yet January Jones was perfectly cast on that role. And sometimes, she can make Betty shine.
Amy: The problem is… you have a jock. Puck, he already fills the void of a jock. He’s not an idiot… he may lack qualities, but he used to be more interesting than Finn.
Rodrigo: Puck is also your standard jackass jock. Mark Salling may not be a good actor, but he doesn’t make Puck boring.
Amy: Still a way more interesting character than Finn!
Rodrigo: Season 2 humanized him with Lauren Zizes, Puck was destroyed in Season 3.
Amy: So the problem with Finn is that he’s redundant.
Rodrigo: Other than having the superhero complex, he rarely changes for anyone.
Amy: It’s because “he’s perfect the way he is” LOL! He’s a Marty Stu.
Rodrigo:Let’s fuck the other characters and keep him great.
Amy: His only issue back then was that he had a no-daddy complex Oh! And he made his mom miserable for moving on!
Rodrigo: Hahahaha… And graduates from high school like if he didn’t had problems with it, while Puck got a storyline about him possibly not graduating, while Brittany, the show’s most retarded character, gets zero plots about her not graduating. Yet there has been a few moments where Brittany was actually smarter than Finn.
Amy: LOL! Did they at least mention that Brittany didn’t have a problem with that despite her… eh, inabilities? xD Coz, that at least, would be kinda funny. The final question is…. are you going to keep on watching?


Time will tell if I ever get to answer that question with a review next year when Season 4 ends.

Part of the 2012 LGBT Blogathon.


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  1. amy says:

    Oh, I just a clip of the Quinn drive/text video, and I thought it gave me the feeling of the Popular episode The News of my Death Have Been Greatly Exaggerated xD Except, that episode, while being sad… it was still kinda funny. I mean, it starts out with a car rendition of Sugarhill Gang’s Rapper’s Delight, the announcement of April Tuna dying in a car accident while listening to Kajagoogoo’s Too Shy, and a rendition of Baby Got Back. xD

    • Rodrigo says:

      @amy, I think I might check out the pilot of Popular one day.

      Speaking of Glee, I saw a picture of The Glee Project – Season 2 promoting Finn as Glee’s biggest hero in anticipation for Cory Monteith’s guest appearance. This is hilarious and wrong on so many levels.

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