Glee and Other Stuff: Inside the Wandering Mind of Ryan Murphy

Amy: How is the show continuing? Are they graduating?
Rodrigo: 8 of them did. What’s funny is that the writing team turned Blaine into a junior, because they believe Darren Criss can draw.
Amy: Wow.
Rodrigo: And Blaine was a character more-or-less of the same age as Kurt. And that was on the Season 3 premiere. I remember people raging over that. Because it was stupid and because enduring Blaine would be hard.
Amy: They would need to break them up eventually…. coz they can’t be together forever, it’ll be boring for his character moping about it.
Rodrigo: Also, remember when Glee crapped on bisexuals when they nearly turned Blaine into a bi?

Amy: I wouldn’t say crapped, but eye-roll worthy… and Kurt’s comments could be irritating, if things like that wasn’t so common in the gay community.
Rodrigo: “Bisexual is a term that gay guys in high school use when they wanna hold hands with girls and feel like a normal person for a change.” I know that was Kurt being a surrogate for Ryan Murphy, but fuck that.
Amy: But that’s a VERY common thing in the gay and lesbian groups. It’s disrespectful towards bisexuals, but it happens a lot.
Rodrigo: It’s unsettling.
Amy: It is… but you read that more than you’d care in gay sites…
Rodrigo: Oh.
Amy: There’s a lot of bi bashing from gay people. I’d say it’s a little bit more aggressive from them than straight people. Straight people just joke around telling you that you just can’t pick.
Rodrigo: That’s so sad… yet somewhat funny.
Amy: Some gay people point at bi people with anger because they feel they’re just pretending to be accepted by the hetero world or something.
And it’s even weirder for trans people.
Rodrigo: Maybe even worse.
Amy: So there’s still divide within the LGBT community.
Rodrigo: LGBT might as well be L&G.
Amy: There’s still divide because PEOPLE SUCK! LOL! And then there’s the gay men who mock lesbians… and the lesbians who mock gays! LOL
Rodrigo: Everyone hates each other!
Amy: Well, I don’t know about lesbians who mock gays…. but I have heard lesbians complaining about how lesbians are the butt of the joke to some gay men.
Rodrigo: Gay men are more ego-driven?
Amy: I think there was a Graham Norton joke that went wrong for them or something… That’s another thing, people are too sensitive.
Rodrigo: I was thinking that too, after watching some films. Or maybe we’ve been devoid of sensitivity considering where we were born.
Amy: Yeah, I think we’re used to brush things off and move on.


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  1. amy says:

    Oh, I just a clip of the Quinn drive/text video, and I thought it gave me the feeling of the Popular episode The News of my Death Have Been Greatly Exaggerated xD Except, that episode, while being sad… it was still kinda funny. I mean, it starts out with a car rendition of Sugarhill Gang’s Rapper’s Delight, the announcement of April Tuna dying in a car accident while listening to Kajagoogoo’s Too Shy, and a rendition of Baby Got Back. xD

    • Rodrigo says:

      @amy, I think I might check out the pilot of Popular one day.

      Speaking of Glee, I saw a picture of The Glee Project – Season 2 promoting Finn as Glee’s biggest hero in anticipation for Cory Monteith’s guest appearance. This is hilarious and wrong on so many levels.

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