Glee and Other Stuff: Inside the Wandering Mind of Ryan Murphy

Amy and I decided to talk about Glee and Ryan Murphy for the 2012 LGBT Blogathon. Much like the tv show’s current state, this conversation became a fucking mess and dealt with other stuff not related to Glee. We can blame Ryan Murphy and the show for that.

Anways, enjoy the conversation.


Rodrigo: When the show started, I didn’t watch right away. But you did, right?
Amy: That’s a tricky question. I didn’t watch when the pilot aired. I think I began watching after the third episode aired, so I must’ve watched the pilot, episode two, and three in a row.
Rodrigo: And which segment got you fully hooked? Or character?
Amy: It wasn’t a segment in particular…
Rodrigo: The whole thing?
Amy: I didn’t think Glee was gonna be this popular.

Amy: The show just really brought back memories of Popular to me.
Rodrigo: I haven’t seen Popular yet, but after watching Glee‘s third season, I’m not really sure if I want to. :S
Amy: Well, Popular was really low budget and it’s meant to be taken as a joke. If you had seen it, you would’ve recognized a lot of re-hash storylines. There was even an episode titled FAG. Besides Jane Lynch, you can also spot Howard from Big Bang Theory. LOL
Rodrigo: From the very little I saw of Popular, I did noticed a few, like the car crash scene that ended Popular was used on Glee.
Amy: Serious? But it didn’t end in cliffhanger, did it?
Rodrigo: Well, you had to watch the next episode to find out if Quinn died or not.
Amy: How did Quinn… end up in that position? Was Finn made to choose between her and Rachel?
Rodrigo: Quinn wasn’t involved with Finn and Rachel after Season 2. That was right after the Regionals episode that tackled “gay suicide,” musical contest, young marriage — thank God it didn’t happen — and ramdomly “dont drink while driving” by the end.
Amy: Then it’s not the same storyline. xP
Rodrigo: But Rachel was texting Quinn because she had to arrive to her wedding. Quinn checks mobile, then suddenly a truck hits her.
Amy: In Popular, Brooke was ran over because she ran off after some decision we never got to know. LOL Then Nicole Julian, Son of Satan, ran her over with intent. And I say “Son of Satan” with much love for Nicole.
Rodrigo: At least, it wasn’t PSA-driven. From what I gather, Popular wasn’t successful in ratings, yet somehow outlived Freaks and Geeks by one season. Glee became popular after its first 13 episodes that gained tons of buzz. When the back 9 appeared, it had doubled its audience.
Amy: No, Popular was given the kiss of death by the WB. Moved from Thursdays to Fridays from season 1 to the next. In any case… Popular and F&G were in two very different networks. Popular didn’t need the ratings F&G needed to continue.
Rodrigo: F&G was in the same channel that aired Friends, so yeah.
Amy: There you go…
Rodrigo: Nowadays, NBC would kill to have a show that can draw like that.
Amy: Any network or cable would kill for those numbers… but it’s impossible now, just like in music albums.
Rodrigo: Nowadays, yes. However, two writer strikes and the rise of reality television worked against network channels.
Amy: Do you think Glee would’ve had the chance to be the hit it is now before the writers’ strike?
Rodrigo: Glee also had songs selling on iTunes, so I guess it could have been safe.
Amy: When did iTunes become a part of a show’s success, though?
Rodrigo: Glee is a musical show unlike the other shows.

Amy: I can’t remember… has there been any other musical shows in the last 10 years?
Rodrigo: No idea.


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  1. amy says:

    Oh, I just a clip of the Quinn drive/text video, and I thought it gave me the feeling of the Popular episode The News of my Death Have Been Greatly Exaggerated xD Except, that episode, while being sad… it was still kinda funny. I mean, it starts out with a car rendition of Sugarhill Gang’s Rapper’s Delight, the announcement of April Tuna dying in a car accident while listening to Kajagoogoo’s Too Shy, and a rendition of Baby Got Back. xD

    • Rodrigo says:

      @amy, I think I might check out the pilot of Popular one day.

      Speaking of Glee, I saw a picture of The Glee Project – Season 2 promoting Finn as Glee’s biggest hero in anticipation for Cory Monteith’s guest appearance. This is hilarious and wrong on so many levels.

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