Top5 Worldwide Entertainment Wishes for 2011

The YAM Magazine team wishes everyone a Happy 2011 (for those of you who live on the other side of the world), and wishes a kick ass New Year’s Eve for those of you still celebrating.

For this special day, these our five wishes for the upcoming year~

5. Successful Diva Comebacks

With the sold-out concerts given by Asian diva Faye Wong, and the release of Virtues of the Silent Orchid for the Confucius Soundtrack, we’re crossing fingers to listen to a new full-length album… one we’ve been waiting since her release of To Love back in 2003.

Another diva comeback we’re waiting for? Of course, Lauryn Hill! She’s been hinting and teasing for the past few months, and we just can’t wait for a new album… we’ve been waiting for her since The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill came out in 1998.

4.  Asian Music Wave in America

Very much how the “Latin Wave” swept America at the end of the 90s thanks to acts like Ricky Martin… or Shakira, whom you guys have never ever fully returned. We’ve been waiting for Asians to take over the entertainment industry for a while now.

With the final realization of YG Entertainment that there’s lots of fans on this side of the world, and their expansion of subtitled content, there’s going to be more people being able to discover.

Of course, the safest bet is going to be for a K-pop act to be able to crossover, with their catchy americanized beats, and synchronized dancing — we know Americans like to dance in groups ;D — pleasing visual style and well-cut videos… they are the easiest sell. Just look at 2NE1:

But then again… with JYJ crossing over, G-Dragon and TOP with new music, a new album by DBSK… and Jay Chou promoting The Green Hornet in America… maybe some of them could make it happen.

3. Disappearance of Reality TV “Stars”

We don’t think we need any graphic to explain ourselves here.

2. Region-Free Content

We’re sure you’re tired of it, we are tired too. We just want to be able to watch videos, listen to music, buy music… buy digital content without having to find out our IP is not on the right region, or that our credit card doesn’t have a valid billing address.

Please, distributors! Otherwise, we’re just going to find some other way~~~

1. Average American Viewer + Subtitles

Ah, the old problem of why the average American moviegoer doesn’t want to read subtitles. It is obviously about getting used to them, after all many countries around the world have no problems with subtitles at all. 90% of what we get on our theaters are foreign productions that need subtitling on our own language.

With an increase on foreign films in the market (not only arthouse foreign films, but also commercial ones), we would start getting people used to reading while watching a film.

There’s also a huge plus side on this. Hearing-impaired people would be able to go to the movie more often! We have no idea how many of them have to wait for films to become available on DVD… or sometimes wait for a TV broadcast because the DVD doesn’t have captioning available!

Well, that’s it. What are your entertainment wishes for the upcoming year/decade?

We need to make those happen.

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  1. IMO, #3 and #2 should actually be #2 and #1 respectively. Especially "Region-Free Content".

    Also, I'd add "worldwide releases for all movies in the cinemas". I hate hearing about films being premiered in the States and released on *insert country here* days/months later. That would be much better than anything on the wishlist.

    • Amy says:

      Think we ain't going to be seeing World Premieres unless we get Region Free first. The thing with world premieres though, is that it's basically about budget, and films like Black Swan and the likes don't have the budget to open worldwide… they even have issues with "nation-wide"!

      What bugs me about "foreign" is that we only get the foreign stuff that sells in America, which sucks.

  2. detectiveroxy says:

    I agree with # 4 and # 2. I can't wait for 2NE1 to work with Will.I.Am I'm sure they will finally be what "fits" the American market. They wouldn't have to change their style to "fit" the market. I think the YG acts are already quite americanized. Just… if they're doing english lyrics PLEASE work on the enounciation!! That can potentially ruin what could otherwise be a great American release. ALTHOUGH I wish the supposed American Market could accept the fact that these are -foreign- artists and listening to music in another language is cool. "WORLD MARKET!!"

    And number two >_> Seriously this needs to stop. One big solution to piracy? Make things available to everyone! I'm one to follow the law (Criminal Justice student xD) so yeah I would like to do things properly and enjoy the wonders of global media. We would all benefit from it you big companies you!

    Number 1… seriously? I never thought they would hate subtitles so much in the USA xD I'm so used to them in every American and foreign movie. Even the movies in spanish have english subtitles O-o and we're all spanish speakers here. hehehe

    • Amy says:

      I realy really wish 2NE1 debuted in Korean… even if they worked with Will.I.Am, at least… I feel they would sell easy in Latin America. People don't really get lyrics in English anyway, so it wouldn't matter if they didn't understand the Korean as long as it's catchy.

      Of course, my fave thing would be to have Bibi making it in the US. Her English (singing, at least) is purrrrfect in I Miss U Missing Me. But I know and understand her style and videos would be a hard sell in the US.

      On #1, the average American moviegoer is not used to subtitles because almost everything (not arthouse) is American. There's no commercial foreign films opening in America… except for the new deal that lets Chinese films open the same day in the US (want!). But cheesy foreign rom-coms is a hard sell when the arthouse crowd won't want cheesy… and the average moviegoer won't read subs xD

      Hope it works for them though~

      We don't get subtitled stuff when films are in Spanish here though~ even when I need help understanding "Mexican" xD but I get why they would in Puerto Rico though… what do you guys get when it's not a Spanish/English film though? German film in… what type of subs? xD

  3. cynthia says:

    I agree with this list SFM. XD

  4. Castor says:

    Your #3 should be #1!! It’s truly fascinating and horrifying to see these white trash nobodies becoming famous and popular for no good reason.

    • yam magazine says:

      @Castor, we think it’s okay to get out there — in the case of the the Chinese guy who played the piano — but reality tv is getting ridiculous. The worse isn’t that they’re making careers… and writing books, the worst is that people are buying this crap.

    • amy says:

      @Castor, here here.

      Though I am guilty of watching reality tv shows, I don’t call them celebrities xD I’ve learned to hate the term anyway~ Hollywood is crapping on its true stars~~

      That’s why I’m currently stuck with Greta Garbo and Joan Crawford!

  1. January 2, 2012

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