The Olympics, NBC, America Television and why Peruvians Have It Worse than Americans

Social Media and the Angry Fandom~

The pitchforks and torches were taken out for a social media uproar. xD

You can check out the hashtag #AmericaTVesunaCagadaenEstasOlimpiadas (America TV is Crap at this Olympics) for recent tweets on the topic. But their Facebook page was inundated with complaints.

“Next time don’t bid for the Olympic broadcast because it’s a disaster and a mockery to all your viewers. If you are only going to show highlights of what happened during the day, don’t bother, you’re doing it terrible. You should have let ATV do it, that’s a serious channel that broadcasts all throughout the day with no interruptions.”

“The show that you broadcast Monday-Fridays at 6pm is crap that corrupts the minds of children, get rid of it, and start broadcasting the London 2012 Olympic Games!”

“This channel is such a shame, I think it’s unfair that you took away the games from ATV, they really did show that good stuff and LIVE instead of repetitions. Plus, we don’t want to see your face or listen to your chatting, we want to see the Games LIVE. Sad that you did it for other ‘things.” Well, we will have to wait for the next games… that I hope with all my heart that America Television doesn’t broadcast, because ATV did a good job.”



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  1. Mirella says:

    Man, I still remember all the rage all over my facebook wall. I was LOL that’s why I watched it all on ESPN (and BBC) XD

  2. Rodrigo says:

    I didn’t watch the torch lighting bit because I went out to buy tickets for TDKR 1 hour before the lighting and then had dinner with my dad. But most of it I saw on ESPN. But I had to admit that from a trollface standpoint, I’m not sure how America can top this… unless the President (doesn’t have to be Ollanta) dies and the funeral broadcast gets cut to whatever the fuck Efraín Aguilar has to put on TV around the time.

    I saw the America replay at Saturday midnight for the lulz/boredom. Gonzalo Nuñez confused Pet Shop Boys with Depeche Mode. LOL. And then he nicknamed an African athlete as “Balán” Gonzales. I hate him as much as I hate Daniel Peredo… people kiss his ass for his passionate celebration of that Juan Vargas goal against Argentina (1-1), but I thought he made the already shitty Peruvian football team look like if they have just scored a goal after 10 years. LOL.

    I can’t remember the Beijing 2008 broadcast from ATV, but most Peruvian people working on tv (and those who don’t) aren’t too up-to-date with general culture. I prefer ATV’s football announcing team (we can’t really call them sports announcing team) because I hate CMD and America’s.

    I’m sure ATV won’t troll the audience, but they created Combate, which led to America creating Esto Es Guerra.

    • amy says:

      @Rodrigo, oh, yeah. I heard the PSB and DM thing on Facebook xD

      The ATV team did a decent job at covering Beijing 2008. Eddie Fleischman may not know everything about sports, but he did cover all sports with guests to talk about things like gymnastics, table tennis, badmington, diving, shooting, to all the major ones – and they showed complete competitions throughout the day starting early in the morning (day’s highlights) with regular breaks only for the news. They did all the live coverage during afternoons and night time due to the time difference of 14 hours.

      And during the Opening and Closing ceremonies, he did a neutral job since he only needed to read the press release of what was going on xD It’s not like he could have commented about Leehom and Rain showing up hahaha At the most, he must have said “there’s Jackie Chan!” xD

      There was little to no need to tune into ESPN to watch the games that year.

      America Television is really the worst Peruvian channel that has funds. LOL With that much money, you’d think they would spend it better. If I were an Olympic sponsor in Peru, I would drop their asses to see how they survive. It’s been a horrible PR thing for the channel and for all Olympic-related brands in the country. xD

      • Rodrigo says:

        @amy, As much as I hate America since mid-2000s, the channel kind of came in handy today (to a certain extent) when it came to the live broadcast of Federer vs. Del Potro. ESPN has two channels, but the one showing the tennis match also showed other stuff going on live. So changing between America and ESPN got me viewing most of the 2 half of the match, lol.

        Still, Terra Peru’s website does much better coverage of the Olympics than America.

  3. oh wow. I thought nothing could be worse than, in the USA, how CBS did the 1998 games. I think it was like at least an hour (what felt like 3 hours) of ~inspirational athlete stories~ and then squished all the footage into around 2 hours.

    • amy says:

      @chrryblssmninja, haha! I don’t think Peru has enough athletes to do a whole segment on their inspirational stories xD I think this is the first time America Television has broadcast the Olympics though, I remember it was usually on Frecuencia Latina (and maybe Panamericana). But then both channels went to the crappers…

      At the moment ATV and America are the channels with the most budget and rating.

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