YAM contest: Win a JYJ “The Beginning” album!

Hello YAMmies!

As you might know, our slogan is: “We Are Region Free.” We believe that all entertainment should be boundaries-free, that is why we love and appreciate that JYJ is going on a real world tour.

Too many times have YAM Magazine heard Julyssa complain about Asian artists and their so called world tours, which really just consists of selected cities in Japan, South Korea, one or two cities in China, with luck a South East Asian country, and perhaps… L.A.

YAM Magazine applauds JYJ for including concerts in several cities in the US, as well as Canada. Hopefully, they will have a concert in Europe, as well as selected cities in Latin America? Julyssa surely hopes so.

To celebrate JYJ’s successful American leg of their tour – YAM Magazine, with the help of the amazing girls over at Sharing Yoochun.net are giving you the chance to win JYJ’s English album, The Beginning.

This is the album you can win

There are two albums to give away and this is what you need to do:

Leave a comment for this post telling us these 3 things (include your real contact email on the email field!)

– Why/how you fell in love with DBSK/JYJ?
– Which artist would you love JYJ to collaborate with?
– Where are you from (country), and how old are you?

Comment away, and as soon as JYJ finishes their last concert in the US – in San Jose on June 3, 2011 – we will choose a winner!

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Good luck! If you have been to one of the concerts, let us know what you loved about it!

The YAM Magazine team

57 Responses

  1. warrion says:

    1. There are so many reasons for that, but the main one is that the first time I heard them sing, I thought (and I still do) that their voices create a beautiful harmony. Unlike some so-called singers, they can sing live and make it an amazing performance ‘just’ with that harmony and all the meaning they put in their songs.

    2. Evanescence. Ok, it sounds weird, but it’d definitely be an interesting combination.

    3. Czech Republic, 20

  2. naokarachi says:

    1.- Definitely, one of the reasons is their voice. I totally love their voices, they match so well together, create harmony and make us all feel what they feel. Their voices are so smooth and tender♥ ><♥

    2.- BoA, i'd definitely would like to see then collaborate again :) althought i'd like it more if they did with HoMin U_U

    3.- Perú! :) 19 yrs old.

    Thanks for the contest! :)

  3. Hichanchen says:

    1. Well of course it would be very typical to say”I saw them and loved everything!”, but I always try to see my interests critically, and reflect. I asked myself what exactly made me pay so much attention to them. They have impressive voices, they dance well, they speak politely and accomplish amusing the audience easily. They write their own music and Jaejoong even directs their shows. Junsu is a wonderful musical actor and the other two splendid actors. Their team work is perfect and I honestly cannot find a reason to dislike them. Even if the music wouldn’t be everyones thing their hard work should be appreciated. If I had to pick one thing I realised saw first it would be the vocal talent.
    2. I would really love them to collaborate with some of their favorite artists, because that is always one of the biggest wishes of a singer and then I would love them to collaborate with Muse, because I would love to see them sing Rock :)
    3.I’m from Germany and I’m 18 :D

    Thank very much for this possibility!

  4. Emi says:

    – Why/how you fell in love with DBSK/JYJ?
    My friend showed me a video and I really liked it. I looked for more and I fell for their amazing voices! They are also so cool and funny, generous and handsome.

    – Which artist would you love JYJ to collaborate with?
    I would love for them to collaborate with some American artists like Backstreet Boys or Timbaland.

    – Where are you from (country), and how old are you?
    I’m from the US, 19 years old

  5. Limi-chan says:

    1.I have listened to a lot of Japanese music before. I was very much in to Jpop and Jrock. One day I saw that Koda Kumi did a collaboration with TVXQ. I really liked the song so I googled a bit more about them. It took me a while to really like them but I fell for some of their Japanese songs.

    2. I think that I would like for them to do a rock collaboration. Maybe with Alice Nine or The Gazette

    3. I’m 21 and I come from Norway :D

  6. nombulelo says:

    1. uhm, well for me it was love at first song lol. I remember hearing all about this group called dbsk and how great they were, so i went onto to youtube and i found their love in the ice performance. lets just say i’ve never looked back. Is it too much of a cliche if i say i love every thing about them? I never used to understand fan girls until i became a DBSK fan. now if i could i’d follow them around the world.

    2. Chris Brown!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    3. im 20(and a half lol) and im swazi but i go to uni in South Africa.

  7. Stage_persona says:

    – Why/how you fell in love with DBSK/JYJ?
    I was introduce to them by a friend, it was a live version of one of their Japanese songs. It was so powerful and their voices so amazing, it was love at first sight

    – Which artist would you love JYJ to collaborate with?

    With a female R&B singer or with Beyonce

    – Where are you from (country), and how old are you?

    Colombia and 23

  8. Patty says:

    – Why/how you fell in love with DBSK/JYJ?
    4 years ago, a friend gave me a link of a video, it was DBSK ‘Miss you’ and ‘Choosey Lover’ it was the first asian artist I saw.
    – Which artist would you love JYJ to collaborate with?
    Beyonce, it would be great to heard the combination of their voices, specially with an amazing female singer like her.
    – Where are you from (country), and how old are you?
    I’m from Peru, in South America! yay~~ lol
    I’m 19 years old ^__^

  9. Minnie says:

    Why/how you fell in love with DBSK/JYJ?
    My sister showed me the MV of Ballons and i thought they were cute then i started listening all the songs and i was in shock. i remember that i thoght that they were great so i watch a lot tv shows and performances and notice that thay really sing and that is how i felt in love with them

    – Which artist would you love JYJ to collaborate with?
    I would love they do it with some recognized korean artist like K.will and internacionally with Marron 5

    – Where are you from (country), and how old are you?
    I’m from Mexico, 18 years old

  10. Christian says:

    – Why/how you fell in love with DBSK/JYJ?
    I feel in love with DBSK/JYJ around mid 2008 and I must say, I’m very glad I did. Their music pulled me in first and afterwards, I began watching their variety shows and backstage stuff. And I must say, what made me fall in love with these boys was their personalities and the bond they shared. It’s a rare thing to see, five different people coming together and being able to harmonize the way they do. They also had this ability to complete each other. Where one member lacked in, another member put forth more effort. They’re a team, they’re brothers, and they’re absolutely amazing people. I felt a really strong connection to them after seeing their own bond and it’s a really beautiful thing to witness. DBSK/JYJ just gave me the strength to be a better person, to be as strong-willed as they are. I admire them for their work as well. They’re big inspirations to me, all five of them in different ways.
    – Which artist would you love JYJ to collaborate with?
    For Junsu, Beyonce or Christina Aguilera because I think their voices would just own in an RnB song. For Jaejoong, GACKT because I love GACKT’s music and I think Jaejoong and him could make an awesome rock collab. For Yoochun, maybe Ne-Yo when he’s doing slower songs. They both have this sultry thing about them that I really like. For JYJ as a whole, Usher or Ne-Yo because I would love to see them do dance music together lol.
    – Where are you from (country), and how old are you?
    America and I’m 19 ^^

    • Christian says:

      @Christian, I forgot to add this and I just remembered haha.

      I did go to the NYC showcase and the NJ concert and both were amazing! I came all the wya up from Georgia just to see them too. Just seeing them live made me fall in love more because of all the effort they put into performing (since the they didn’t get paid for the showcase). It was an amazing experience and to this day, I still can’t believe I got to see them live twice :)

  11. Kathy K. says:

    1.) My friend made we watch their banjun dramas, and their looks and teamwork pulled me in. They were very funny too. Later, I found that they could sing, and that was what made me a true fan for these past 5 years. It wasn’t a passing fad for me. It was real admiration.

    2.) Lady Gaga. This would be a VERY weird combo, but I can’t help but see how “wild” she can turn these guys. ^^

    3.) I’m 20 from USA!

  12. MeGaMi says:

    – Why/how you fell in love with DBSK/JYJ?

    I met them in 2008 and i didnt know A THING about korean culture at that time… i had just started listening to asian music ( mostly JRock) and a friend made me listen to Tri-ANGLE. It was love at first sight… i’ve love them since then :)

    – Which artist would you love JYJ to collaborate with?
    American?? TIMBALAND I know they’d made great music together.

    – Where are you from (country), and how old are you?
    Peru… I’m 17 years old.

  13. Connie says:

    1. Why/how you fell in love with DBSK/JYJ?
    I first learned of KPop a few years ago. With my intense curiosity, I wanted to search deeper into the Korean music industry. I found the “Gods of the East” with overwhelming talent and passion. Their voices stole my mindset and heart. I fell in love with their songs; Each song had a filling of sweetness. It also enclosed hope I felt that I had lost. They reassure me that I’m never alone because we are “under the same sky, breathing the same air….” I watched them on shows, miles away, sharing the laughter and tears together. They helped in guiding me in my life. Even with their tough encounters in life, they manage to keep strong and live ’til the fullest. I admire everything they are and everything they do, for themselves, for others, and for me.

    2. Which artist would you love JYJ to collaborate with?
    2NE1. Both have a great capability of singing R&B and ballads.

    3. Where are you from (country), and how old are you?
    I’m eighteen-years-old from the United States.

    4. If you have been to one of the concerts, let us know what you loved about it!
    Despite becoming a legal adult in the States, I’ve never had an experience in attending a concert. Attending their concert as my first experience is truly one of the best! I still remember how that night went. To see them in person is something I thought I could never do in my life, assuming we live in the opposite sides of the world. I couldn’t sit still in my seat; I couldn’t hold myself from singing and dancing to their songs. It was such a marvelous experience, being in the same venue with them and with other Cassiopeias from other parts of the world!

    Thank you!

  14. tamsen says:

    – Why/how you fell in love with DBSK/JYJ?
    – Which artist would you love JYJ to collaborate with?
    – Where are you from (country), and how old are you?

    1. i was going to japan with my bff who was studying japanese, she gave me a external HD with an intro to Johnny’s Entertainment bands and the first PV I watched was ‘It’s your Soul’ by Kanjani8. I ended up a little bit scarred for life and didnt look at the disk again. We then went to Japan and we went to a NEWS concert and suddenly I was hooked! When we came back she randomly sent me a gif of DBSK (the ending up the SBS Gayo in 2008 when they ripped their shirts off) and I was obsessed. I then scoured the internet for everything about them and fell stupidly in love. I don’t think I’d love them at all if they were just pretty, their talent is really what I think cements our deep affections for them.

    2. Adele, I think the angst and amazing vocals that would come out of the collab would melt peoples brains.

    3. I am from Australia and am 29.

  15. Connie says:

    – Why/how you fell in love with DBSK/JYJ?
    My best friend since junior high school has loved DBSK since around their debut would show me their music videos and banjun dramas. I didn’t understand the obsession until high school when I started getting signal for music core on my television at night. I would watch the performances and slowly I became more interested with Korean music, dramas, and fashion. I started searching for their old performances and variety shows with help from subbing teams I was able to find a lot of them. I bought their dvds and I earnestly laughed and loved each of their personalities. I anxiously wanted to see them sing live and I never had an opportunity since SM town was always in LA or another country. It wasn’t until they had their showcase in New York in November 2010 was I given the chance to witness them live. Although it was a short showcase, it was truly the happiest I’ve been in a while. It was absolutely worth the wait for them to finally come to NY.
    – Which artist would you love JYJ to collaborate with?
    I would love to see JYJ with an artist that would truly collaborate well with them. I honestly felt that Kanye did a poor job with his collab, as if he just placed together mediocre lyrics and beats just to finish a job. They didn’t have the same vision and goal in mind. I didn’t think the song fit JYJ’s typical image, but rather their management took the opportunity because Kanye is popular in America. I wouldn’t mind if they worked with a ‘lesser known’ artist as long as they could produce good music. One group that I feel is sincere and makes great music is Death Cab for Cutie. It would be amazing if they could collab. It may seem like a strange pick but I would love if JYJ worked with hardworking artists.
    – Where are you from (country), and how old are you?
    I’m from the US and I’m currently 19 (going on 20) yrs old.

  16. Azzerraya Love says:

    Why/how you fell in love with DBSK/JYJ?
    I have been a fan for about seven years, I came across their song “The Way U are” and I was instantly a fan and then when I heard Tri-angle I was head over heels in love with their vocals, there was the perfect balance of baritones and tenors that I couldn’t identify with American Music at that age. I found very inspiring to watch and listen to artists that not only performed acapella, trot, r&b, electronic, k-pop, dance music song genres while speaking their native language but also in Japanese and now English. They have this way of singing that makes you feel like your sitting in on a private performance and their music just envelopes you like a warm blanket or just dance until you can’t dance anymore. Most of all I fell in love with their ability to capture emotions musically. JYJ has this way of projecting themselves musically so much so that it feels as if you personally know them. As if you just have a conversation with them.

    – Which artist would you love JYJ to collaborate with?
    I would love to for JYJ to collaborate with Robin Thicke, because they this ability to harmonize and their previous musical experience with acapella, DBSK/JYJ has this soulful sensual vibe about them that would really like to go to the next level as adult artists and it would go well with Robin Thicke’s music style.

    – Where are you from (country), and how old are you?
    The United States, 20

  17. Daisy Lee says:

    1. How could I possibly explain the ongoing reasons for why I love DBSK5 and JYJ?!?! LOL!!
    let me try….ok here I go…
    – They are GODS!! (in EVERY way!!)
    – UNBELIEVABLE voices!! their voices melt my heart!! <3
    – UNBELIEVABLE dance moves!! ahhh!
    – The most amazing personalities that seem unreal!! <—–this is something that gets me most, besides their amazing vocal skills. Their personalities really make me fall for them XD They are so genuine and caring and are true role models that I wish to be like.
    – They are genius composers and song writers that pour their emotions into their songs, and because of it they are able to make the audience feel the same emotions. They connect so well with their fans and they truly care!!! <3
    – and obviously they are HOT!!! LOL XD SOOO beautiful and handsome!!! :D
    But what I LOVE most about DBSK/JYJ is that they have ALL of this! the complete package!! They are one of a kind and they make me extremely happy!! I live for DBSK!!! XD

    2. JYJ + Beyoncé- their amazing voices would go really well together and Jaejoong will be very happy to work with Beyoncé since she is one of his idols and he had a crush on her!! HAHA!! Beyoncé is an amazing artist as well, and JYJ would make great music with her!! <333

    3. I'm from New York, USA and I'm 17 :)

    I went to the JYJ showcase in NYC and the World Tour Concert in NJ. I was so lucky to be SOOOOO close for both!!! XD Those were the two happiest days of my life!!!!!! They are the only 2 concerts I have been to and they were absolutely amazing! Being so close, i couldn't believe that JYJ was actually in front of me….SO REAL!!!
    Their live voices sound exactly like the recording and it was wonderful! I still feel like the NJ concert just happened and I am so happy XD I was so close I could have reached and touched them!!! XXD
    I got to meet so many Cassies that day and it was just the best day ever! All thanks to JYJ, my life is made <33333 but I am still waiting for a DBSK5 concert one day!!
    I will ALWAYS KEEP THE FAITH!! W Cassiopeia forever <3

  18. Ngoc says:

    – Why/how you fell in love with DBSK/JYJ?
    I fell in love with DBSK when I heard Doushite. It still remains one of my favorite songs today.
    – Which artist would you love JYJ to collaborate with?
    Can I say Yunho and Changmin? That’ll make my year.
    – Where are you from (country), and how old are you?
    I’m from the United States and I’m 17 years old.

  19. ManEul says:

    – Why/how you fell in love with DBSK/JYJ?

    Because their love for each other is the strongest thing I ever met in my life. They’re passing through these hard times and are still smiling for the fans as for they to cannot feel their pain.
    They came to me teaching me how to keep the faith always.It’s not that easy all the times but they’re always there saying for me to be strong. I wanted to say it for them too.

    – Which artist would you love JYJ to collaborate with?
    With HoMin! Apparted they’re still the best singers in the world, but together… they’re unstopabble. They’re gods.

    – Where are you from (country), and how old are you?
    I’m from Brazil and I’m 21years old.

  20. Janeth says:

    – Why/how you fell in love with DBSK/JYJ?
    Because of their great talents (in singing, acting, directing, dancing, composing, etc) . And because even when everything is against them, they keep fighting… They’re my inspiration.

    – Which artist would you love JYJ to collaborate with?
    It might sound weird, but I want them to collaborate with a local group called “Camila”, they allays make beautiful ballads and their voices are as beautiful as JYJ’s.

    – Where are you from (country), and how old are you?
    I’m from México and I’m 18

  21. naiyumi says:

    1. I’ve been a db5k’s fan before (and of course still their fan now). I love the 5. One day of 2 years ago, my friend showed me a showgame that they participated in. After watching, i was really impressed by their pesonalities n charistics. I started to listen to their songs n of course their voice n harmony attracted me so so so much. They really have talented,passion n attemp on each words of each songs.
    2. Justin Timberlake. They’ll make great music together
    3. Im from Vietnam and im 18

  22. Chang says:

    -Why/How you fell in love with DBSK/JYJ?
    The time I fell in love with them, DB5K, was in 2009 summer, when I was calling to my friend and her ringtone is Bolero. Actually at that time, I was Miley Cyrus’s fan and I just only listened to US music, espeacially Miley’s song. When I heard that song, ‘Bolero’, in the first time on my call, I was totally impressed by its harmony, melody , especially by the artists’ voice. Actually I didn’t like Japanese music, I used to think Japanese music was very hard to listen, it was very sombre…and that song, ‘Bolero’, has changed my mind! After asking my friend, I has known that song named ‘Bolero’, and the artist was an Korean boy band, whose name was ‘Dong Bag Shin Ki’, which meaned ”Gods of the East”. I found and watched Bolero MV, performances and their other songs’ performances on Youtube. It was so amazing!! I was totally impressed by their singing, dancing skills. Since then, I started to search google everyday, tried to find more information about them, about each member, watched their many shows, performances, their banjun dramas, listened to their songs since their debut til then…Day by day, I loved them more, loved them because of their skills in dancing, singing and composing, because of their mild voices, their charm, their funniness, their cuteness, their endeavour, their care to each member, to their staffs, their fans….And I has become their fan, became Chun bias, joined their fan club in my country, went offline, updated their news everyday…They have changed my mind, I was more interest in K-Pop, J-Pop, Korean Culture…Althought they now are seperating to JYJ and HoMin, I will always support each group forever and ever…Always keep the faith!! Hope to the end !! Hope 5 of them will back together in one day!! Love you DB5K!!

    – Which artist would you love JYJ to collaborate with?
    I would love for JYJ to collaborate with Beyonce with Ballads, R’nB and with Jusin Timberland with Pops, E-Pops !!!! that would be so amzing!! They all have an amazing voice, amazing in singing !!!!
    And it would be perfect if they can collaborate with HoMin !?! *hope*

    – Where are you from? How old are you?
    I’m from VietNam, I’m 18.

    Because DBSK/JYJ has never hold a concert in VietNam, so I didn’t have a chance to attend their concert T.T But JYJ will go to VietNam with Park JiSung in 15th,June…And I will go to see themmmmm despite me college exam in early July…But when another chance will come like this if I missed this chance?? I’m so happy, finally I can meet my Chun husband..muahahaaha
    My dream is earn a lot of money to go to Korea lol
    P.s : Sorry for some mistakes, because I’m not good at English structure =.=

  23. xingying says:

    – Why/how you fell in love with DBSK/JYJ?
    I guess it was when I watched Hug MV on soompi forums back then.
    Love how innocently they looked and the perfect voices. When I looked for more videos and information on them, i felt myself loving more and more by the day!

    – Which artist would you love JYJ to collaborate with?
    Within Korea, Jay Park. Intentionally, Taylor Swift? Weird combination but should be interesting!

    – Where are you from (country), and how old are you?
    Singapore, 20.

  24. Fanny Nguyen says:

    1. Actually, the first time I saw them, I did not care. That was in 2003 when they debuted. Three years later, in 2006, I listened to “Hug” and “Balloons” for the first time, and I thought: “I did not think these guys were this cute.” Then, I wanted to know more about them. I borrowed their CDs and DVDs from my friends who also were their fans, and I found out that these guys were very talented. Cute was not all they had. They could become strong, manly, gentle, etc. if that what it took. They could sing well, dance well, and even a capella. Their harmonization was the best one I had ever heard. Besides, they could act, compose, and were very humorous. The song that led me to be their fan was “O-Jung.Ban.Hap” despite the fact that I prefer ballads. And Yoochun was the one that stole my heart and till now he has not given it back to me.

    2. I think they should collaborate with NeYo, Eminem or Akon. I do not know why but I have a feeling that American male rappers fit their music well. On the other hand, if JYJ and HoMin can reunite as TVXQ5, that will be the happiest moment of my life.

    3. I am from Vietnam, and I am 20 years old.

  25. Maika says:

    1.) I fell in love with DBSK while I was watching videos on YouTube, i saw a video of them singing Begin a Capella. I fell in love with their voices instantly. I was amazed, I never saw any other artist with a talents like theirs. Their voices harmonize so well. And I started watching more videos of them. Not only with their voices, I am more amazed and touched by their friendship. They have amazing personalities not to mention they are all good-looking. :’)
    Despite the trials JYJ and HoMin are experiencing I never regret joining this fandom. The tears, joy, pain and everything I felt for them with the fandom, I never regret any of it. It’s all worth it. I am and will support the 5 of them no matter what.^_^;

    2.) Which artist.. hmmm. I assume western singers? I would really want to see them standing the same stage as Taylor Swift. Maybe sing country, ballad songs or acoustics. I think their voices will fit. Lady Gaga won’t be so bad, either. haha.

    3.) I am from Philippines, 15 years old. But I am turning 16. :P

  26. Karen says:

    AHHHHHHHHHHHH so excited!!!!!!!!!

    1.I liked them the first time i see Mirotic’s mv…BUT i started to LOVE them when i realized that they really worked hard. See so much passion doing something that they like giving me the PERFECT EXAMPLE to fight for acomplish my dreams :)

    2.Snoop dog XD…’cause it seems like they like to be around with many girls ( ¬¬)

    3.Im from Colombia (Latin america) and im 22 years old


  27. Doua says:

    1. How I fell in love with DBSK/JYJ?
    What’s not to love about a complete package in all of kpop. You got to respect these 5 gentlemen, they set the bar for all of the idol group to transform from the typical idol to real artist. They’re an inspiration to those who want to be singers and those who are having a tough time in life. When I here their music and see them, it brings a smile to my face. Their smiles and laughters makes me feel happy. They have grown into precious people in my life that I” never forget even when I’m 50, 60, 70, 80 or so on… They have a place in my heart always.

    2. JYJ Collaborate?
    I would say DESTINY CHILDS. (beyonce, michelle, n kelly) That would be an awesome RNB ballad or great dance song!!! *homin+jyj=dbsk*

    3. United States, 19

  28. Jules says:

    – Why/how you fell in love with DBSK/JYJ?
    I started to LIKE DBSK when I randomly stumble upon their Miss You MV on youtube while watching Kiss-because I am a woman. I instantly noticed JJ and became immerse in his beauty. My curiosity grew like a wild fire and next thing I know, I was backtracking all their videos on youtube and listening to their music. That’s when I fell in LOVE with DBSK. I loved their vocal talents and brotherly affection. I felt that unlike other artists out there, they possessed real talents–each member contributing his own unique talent that completed the set. They weren’t just another pretty-face-boyband but real artists. Additionally, they were always so humble despite their immense popularity that could rule mankind with a wink of an eye.

    – Which artist would you love JYJ to collaborate with?
    I would love for JYJ to collaborate with Lady Gaga! That would be the epic collaboration of West and East. Additionally I am curious as to their vocals will harmonize. Can you just imagine their music video???

    – Where are you from (country), and how old are you?
    USA, 23yrs.

  29. büşra says:

    1.I saw one of their mv’s by coincidence.Later i listened them and saw their videos and fell for them.They are so talented and great as personality.Altough there isnt a chance for me to buy their albums or see them because of my country,still since then i support and love them no matter what happens.They are so different to me ^^

    2.I loved Flowsik’s rap in Yoochuns solo ”I Love You” and i think it would be good if they do another collabrote with him.

    3.Turkey , 17

  30. Sammi says:

    – Why/how you fell in love with DBSK/JYJ?

    1. Love JYJ for their beautiful voices. As singers, that should be the most important part but it doesn’t hurt that they’re easy on the eyes too.

    – Which artist would you love JYJ to collaborate with?

    2. Which artist??… I think they are great and have their own special thing going on but if they should collab with someone, it would be a nice surprise if they work with someone outside of the mainstream pop music.

    – Where are you from (country), and how old are you?

    3. I’m from the United States and I’m 27. One of the older fans. Hehe.

  31. – Why/how you fell in love with DBSK/JYJ?

    In my Junior year of Highschool, i was introduced to the world of Korean Pop. With this, i learned of the existence of DBSK. But my love for them did not start there, it started once i saw the performance of Love in the Ice during their “T” tour… It simply took my breath away. The Passion… the perfection. You dont find this kind of quality music here in the states, and if you do, its rare. I knew instantly these boys put their everything into what they do, and i wanted to support it in every way i can. Even during the seperation, i still support all of them. JYJ and the new “TVXQ” I go to every concert i can, and make sure i chant out that what they are working for isnt going to waste, and they have a fan that will always support them.

    – Which artist would you love JYJ to collaborate with?

    Honestly… i wanna see them collab with Lady Gaga! Can’t you just imagine them in those crazy outfits she wears? It would be a sight to see… she could even go all asian theme’d about it and i think it would totally bring up their publicity :)

    – Where are you from (country), and how old are you?

    As i said in the previous question i am from the United States of America, i am 20 years old :) A Proud American Cassiopeia.

  32. yuriboo says:

    1. Why/how you fell in love with DBSK/JYJ?
    The really first time I listened their songs was some years ago. The song is called “Last Angel” – yeah, a japanese song. I just saw these 5 boys with Koda Kumi and I was like omg gosh. They were the really first Korean people I’ve ever seen.
    They are the reason I am a Korea-holic. And also they are the reason I wake up every morning. Their voice and themselves give me strenght and I am so thankful towards them and the music they do.

    2. Which artist would you love JYJ to collaborate with?
    Certainly it’s Ayumi Hamasaki.

    3. Where are you from (country), and how old are you?
    Hungary, 17

  33. Vavole says:

    01. Why/how you fell in love with DBSK/JYJ?
    I found out about DBSK thanks to my best friend. At the beggining I wasn’t excited about them, they were only another boy band between all the other ones. But how wrong I was! I kept saying video like ballons and ‘O’ and couldn’t understand how they this was the same group. Such a charisma and then such dorky people. I have never had a favourite band before DBSK. After some months in which I kept discovering their past, their suffering, the love for each other and the strong bound they have with Cassiopeia I was speechless. I have never, never found any other band like DBSK. I couldn’t understand it fully at first, but I fell in love with them when I began listening to their songs, their beautiful voices… the genuine love for the fans and each of them. Their RnB stily, their acappella, there wasn’t any other band like them. And I love them also because their are so good at everything: sports, acting, dancing, singing, they are funny, very deep people and sure they are people you can be proud of… And this is great. Having someone who encourage you with thei words and their songs everyday made me a stronger person. I used to be always so pessimistic before them. They changed me drastically and I’ll always be thankful to them, now I’m always so positive! :)
    And a lot of people ask me: “so, you are into k-pop?” And I always respond: “no, I’m into DBSK.” They are the only one.

    02.Which artist would you love JYJ to collaborate with?
    Yunho anc Changmin? My like would be complete
    I would love to see them with Beyonce. I really like RnB so it would be why too good <3

    03.Where are you from (country), and how old are you?
    I'm from Italy and I'm 21 years old. There a lot of fans in Italy too! ^^

  34. Carla says:

    1.- the first time my best friend showed me a concert of DBSK I din’d like them (hard to believe), for me they were just anothery boyband, and at than time i was into europen music, but a few years later I saw them again and I couldn’t believe what i was missing, their voices, their dances, it was everything perfect, and the lyrics, i loved the passion when singing. I started shearching for videos and Survivor did it, I saw Jae and i fell in love with him. Now what keeps me in love with JYJ is to know how hard they have been working to achieve what they want, I still see the passion while singing and that is something i’m always thankfull. I hope i can see them live one day.

    2.- Because I really love eurpean bands I would love to see JYJ singing with Robbie Williams, he comes from a boyband too, Take That, and i think it would be interesting to see him singing with them…or even Take That and JYJ, my too favourites bands together

    3.- Chile, 26

  35. cryss says:

    1) Why/how you fell in love with DBSK/JYJ?
    It was because of a friend. She kept saying how good they are and how they sing so amazing…she made me curious so I asked her to give me a couple of videos to watch and that was it. She gave me a ballad (I love ballads) and I instantly fell for them. It was a live version of course and I must say that I was absolutely amazed.
    As to why I fell in love with DBSK well, there are just so many things…
    It all started with their voices, with that one song which really showed how good they are, I just couldn’t believe that a harmony like theirs could exist. They were 5 and still when they sang it was like one voice, 5 voices blending as one.
    After that I started watching more and more videos from live concerts to music videos, from tv shows to banjun dramas and from interviews to fanmade videos. I watched them all.
    I realized they weren’t just a band, they weren’t just some boys who could sing, they were more than that. I realized how great human beings they are, how much they loved their fans, how they endured so so many hardships for us, how they always pushed themselves to give their best in everything completely putting aside their health, their well being, their needs.
    I fell in love with their passion, their love for music, for performing, for their fans, for each other (their bond is something I have never seen before, they have such a big love for each other), their hard work, their efforts for everything to be more than perfect, I fell in love with their determination and how they always were concerned about Cassiopeia, how they always thanked their fans, the bond they have with Cassiopeia, the love that exists between them and us it’s just so amazing…
    They sing with so much passion and they put all their feelings in the songs, those songs which bring tears in my eyes, seeing them on the stage and giving their all for the fans, forgetting about themselves…that is what a true singer should do. There were times when they cried on stage, they cried in front of us, always conveying their feelings through their songs.
    They were always so polite with everyone, so good and so forgiving even though there were people who hurt them…they are just too good for this world.
    Oh one more thing: they compose some of the most beautiful songs I’ve ever heard. They can dance, sing, compose and write songs, they are really good people, they never speak bad about someone, they are polite and sincere, they create a harmony like I never heard before, they care more about their fans than about themselves…they are the Gods of the East.
    They showed me how true artists should be, they made me realize just how good they were and why the deserved to be at the top.

    2) Which artist would you love JYJ to collaborate with?
    This is easy: Yunho and Changmin.
    I don’t want others, I just want Yunho, Changmin, Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu to sing together again, I want them to make that beautiful harmony once again…I miss that harmony and I want it back. Their voices becoming one…I want to hear it again.
    Other artists? No, I don’t need others just Yunho and Changmin, just the 2 of them.
    I want them to sing together again because they are the best when they are 5, they complement each other in so many ways…

    3) Where are you from (country), and how old are you?
    I’m from Romania and I’m 21.

    P.S. I’m sorry for the long comment, it’s just that when I start talking about them I can’t seem to stop myself :D

  36. Minna Vänskä says:

    1. When I lived in Japan for almost one year, I saw these guys on TV so often. I noticed their amazing skills when they performed a song accappella in one morning show, March 24th in 2009. I had never seen people who are this talented, and I don’t think I will ever see. Their music captivated my heart, and has given me a lot of strenght and warm, loving friendships with other fans. One of the main reasons for me to become their fan was their Japanese skills – I can comprehend the lyrics and their talks in shows. This group has lots of strong points such as their strong brother-like bond, and they are interesting because that kind of groups don’t exist at least here where I live. These guys are good role models – hard-working and achieving various things by their neverending efforts.

    2. Dong Bang Shin Ki. With the two members of DBSK, the five of them create perfect harmony. Also, not maybe musically but for example in variety shows or dramas, I’d like to see JYJ and Arashi together.

    3. I’m from Finland and just turned 22!

  37. Jennifer says:

    1) Okay, I’ll start by The Beginning :p I went to Hong Kong in 2009 to see my family, and there, I bought an Ipod. Since I didn’t have my laptop and my musics with me, my cousin put some musics on my iPod and guess what? 90% of her playlist was made of TVXQ songs Ahaha. The next day, I had to leave Hong Kong, and on the airplane, I was so bored that I listened to my iPod. The first song that I listened to was from 2PM but after that, it was Doushite and I loved it! I just wanted to know more about this band, and without knowing how they looked like, I kind of fell in love with them. And during like 10 hours, I listened to korean/japanese music without knowing it. Back to France, I made some research on TVXQ (OH MY GOD I was choked by their handsomness). I listened to their other songs, and I watched Come To Play, where I could see their personalities. That made me like them even more! And that’s how, in August 2009, I fell in love with TVXQ in one day <3, knowing that I always said that boysbands were "has-been".

    2) I wish they could collaborate with other (real) korean artisits, like Brian Joo of Fly To The Sky, or other singers they are friend with.

    3) I am from Paris, and I am 15 (nearly 16!)

  38. Christine says:

    – Why/how you fell in love with DBSK/JYJ?
    I fell in love with DBSK when I saw their music video for purple line! I was amazed at their dance moves and when I dug up more info about them and watched more videos, I fell in love with their brotherhood, friendship and honesty. I also love their work ethic, always so determined and hard working… they are really an inspiration for me! Plus JYJ came to do a tour in America when no one else in Korea has ever done so. I love how they try their best to bring music to their fans :) They are the best. Plus their music is awesome and so are their dance moves. And their voices!! I love them <3

    – Which artist would you love JYJ to collaborate with?
    I hope they collaborate with the Black Eyed Peas because they make nice beats and it would be really great to see JYJ perform a hardcore dance track :)

    – Where are you from (country), and how old are you?

    I'm from Canada and I'm 21 :)

  39. Anne says:

    I fell in love with TVXQ/JYJ when I saw a video of them performing Doushitte Kimi Wo Suki Ni Dashittmadandarou/Why Did I Fall in Love with You. Their vocals were just so good and I was basically blown away. Since then, TVXQ was that one kpop band that I have forever loved.
    Well, I’m sure everyone here would say that they could collaborate with TVXQ…this is probably every Cassie’s dream. However, I would love to see JYJ collaborate with FT Island because Jaejoong and Junsu’s current voice that has sort of a rock feel would go well with FT Island’s rock feel.
    I am from USA and am 16 years old.

    Thank you for this great chance! I really hope I can win because I would really want at least 1 TVXQ/JYJ album to actually hold in my hands.

  40. Wendy says:

    1. I saw them being completely dorky on a variety show, and my heart became curious. Then the respectful way they treat their elders, how protective and loving they are to each other, and their beautiful harmony completely captured me. People especially in America have lost their morals and the ability to be respectful and honorable. These young men of DBSK were very surprising and a great joy to this Auntie’s heart and mind.

    2. I would truly love to hear them sing something with Mary J. Blige, Alicia Keys. I think it would be amazing!!!

    3. I am 44 yrs old and from USA. :)

  41. Nicole says:

    – Why/how you fell in love with DBSK/JYJ?

    I fell in love with them because of their dance skills…well some lacked in that department *coughjaejoongcough* and of course their harmony together. With music they are flawless vocals but when you take that away from them, all five of them can harmonize your panties off. But most importantly I fell in love with how well they worked together. I love them divided and together. I don’t think anyone can take away their talent. It shines off of them like, sun reflecting off of water. Its hard not to notice.

    – Which artist would you love JYJ to collaborate with?

    Hands down that would be Jessie J. She has a voice that will make you stop and listen. I wanted to know more about her when she sang Nobody’s Perfect, accompanied by a guitarist. She will stand outside of the train station at New York City to sing for strangers for the love of expression through music. She has a strong voice that is so breathtaking. It sends shivers up and down your arm. I’ve been wanting more and quickly purchased her album once it hit stands in America. She’s British, punky and stands up for self image. She would be perfect to work with JYJ. Jessie J and JYJ are both down to Earth individuals. The four of them collaborating would be a force to reckon with.

    – Where are you from (country), and how old are you?

    I’m from the United States and I’m 26 years old

  42. Sue says:

    – Why/how you fell in love with DBSK/JYJ?
    I’ve always heard of TVXQ, but thought they were just another boyband. It wasn’t until a friend showed me a video of their live performance of Love in the Ice and I was blew away by their voice, emotion, and harmony. I really love their talent and their humbleness. As JYJ they have overcome a lot of adversity and found niche within the industry to shine. I really admire that about them.

    – Which artist would you love JYJ to collaborate with?
    There are many artists that would be great to collaborate with, esp. American artists with powerful voice and mainstream music, such as alicia keys, Rhianna, etc.

    – Where are you from (country), and how old are you?
    I’m from the US and I’ve turning 21 this year =)

  43. Puja says:

    – Why/how you fell in love with DBSK/JYJ?

    My friend showed me the Mirotic MV (Korean) and I pretty much thought, oh nice catchy song! It was the first Korean song I had ever heard. I soon forgot about them and several months later, I was looking for some new music and asked my friend to send me their music (Surprisingly, I actually remembered that their name was DBSK). I think it was fated that I fell in love with their vocals and songs. Why else would I suddenly remember the name of a Korean boy band whose MV I had only seen once when I never listened to Korean music?

    Honestly, my first impression was mostly that their vocals were great and the song was good. I didn’t think they looked sexy/hot at all (In fact I thought Junsu looked like Yao Ming – something that I still don’t understand how I thought of to this day). Their haircuts (Yoochun?!) seemed ridiculous but the fact that they could touch my heart (Love in the Ice!) without me needing to understand what they’re saying is truly amazing. That is what I call a true artist, someone who can communicate feelings regardless of a language barrier.

    All in all, it was their music that attracted me to them in the first place.. and slowly I discovered their personalities and it was love all over again.

    – Which artist would you love JYJ to collaborate with?
    I would say Whitney Houston (if that was possible). That would be absolutely epic.
    Otherwise, Big Bang!

    – Where are you from (country), and how old are you?

    USA, 18

  44. AKTFeternally says:

    – Why/how you fell in love with DBSK/JYJ?

    I fell in love with them through their debut song ‘HUG’ way back in 2003 and have been a loyal follower ever since (almost 8 years strong!). Living in the U.S., our house had a network called International Channel, which broadcasted a program called ‘Korean Music Countdown.’ Through this program, I was introduced to DBSK’s music video for ‘HUG’ and immediately fell for their aborable, innocent looks and beautiful voices. As time progressed and I continued to follow their activities, and my love for them gradually grew stronger and stronger. As a group, their harmonization and unity was really unmatchable, and their musical style became more mature and unique as they themselves grew into true artists. There has been no other artist in my eyes who has displayed the same level of performance, vocal ability and raw passion as these 5 men have. Fortunately for me, I have been blessed with the opportunity to see both JYJ and Homin live, and my each of my experiences have allowed me to once again confirm why they are truely the best of the best. Not only do I love them because of their music and impeccable harmonization, but also because of their relationship with their fans and dedication to their art. My supportive love for them still continues with DBSK separated into 2 subunits (Homin and JYJ), but still patiently waits for both parties to reunite into the original DBSK.

    – Which artist would you love JYJ to collaborate with?
    I would love to see them collaborate with Beyonce because they both share a lot in common. Both are great singers, spectacular performers, and are incredibly hard-working musicians. Beyonce and JYJ are really great artists of this generation and a collaboration between them would be one of epic proportions!

    – Where are you from (country), and how old are you?

    United States, 19 yrs old

  45. osin says:

    1. I fallin’ in love with JYJ because their voices and songs.Their voices are excellent! Each of them has their own character,yc with his husky,jj with angelic voice and js with his very unique voice. Beside that,their personality are so good too.How they interact with each other,with crew and their fans. Their sense of fashion and their good looking faces.I love them all with their own way..Just the way they are..

    2. Whitney Houston and Beyonce. Such a great singer collaborate with a great group would be a great collaboration ever.the epic one!

    3. I’m from Indonesia.and i’m 20 years old.

  46. cms47 says:

    – Why/how you fell in love with DBSK/JYJ?

    DBSK/JYJ has been the band that helped me pull through some rather tough times of my life a few years back. It sounds rather exaggerating but their songs helped cheer me up and calm me down whenever there were feelings of angsty within myself.
    I wasn’t a big fan of korean pop then (around 2007), but I got drawn to their japanese music at first. They really impressed me on how they persevered in Japan despite the low popularity they had when they started in Japan (I mean they were already kings in Korea by then!)

    The main reason why I’m in love with DBSK/JYJ and is still am is because they never fail to amaze me with the challenges they take upon themselves. With Jaejoong to directing, Yoochun and Changmin to acting, Junsu to musicals, Yunho to both musical and acting, they are my role models.

    – Which artist would you love JYJ to collaborate with?

    Jung Yunho and Shim Changmin. (I know we will all wait for this day to arrive)
    I would love JYJ to collaborate with Bruno Mars.
    Basically musicians who you can see truly enjoy what they’re doing, they need to be around these people to rejuvenate themselves. (they seem so tired nowadays)

    – Where are you from (country), and how old are you?
    If you have been to one of the concerts, let us know what you loved about it!

    I’m 19 from Singapore. (:
    I went for their showcase in Singapore last year.
    Despite the not-so-great sound system and venue, I loved the atmosphere during the songs and especially when the audience basically danced to the music and the voices of the boys. <3


  47. jumpingCASSIE says:

    – Why/how you fell in love with DBSK/JYJ?
    I have been following DBSK ever since The Beginning (pun intended) in 2003, when they first came out with their debut song Hug. I remember I was so ataken back when I heard their harmonization because I didn’t expect it at all when looking at them! But their harmonization impressed me so much, that I became interested instantly. Till this day, Hug is my favorite song because it was the song that started it all, my love for DBSK. How can I forget Changmin feeding a kitty with a milk bottle, Yunho with his cute crooked teeth, Jaejoong with his killer looks, Yoochun shaving his stubble-free face, and Junsu diligently playing the cello?? Throughout these past 8 years, I have watched them grow physically into mature, handsome men and artistcally into self-made musicians. I feel extremely spoiled by DBSK, in that what they have to offer to us fans is so grand! They are truely the perfect package, they got the looks, vocals, dancing, performance, artistic ability, humility, dedication…and I can blab on and on! DBSK…Doushite Kimi Wo Suki Natte Shimattan Darou? Well actually, I do know why. I can’t understand why anyone wouldn’t fall in love with these 5 guys! No other artist has been able to leave such a deep impression on me as DBSK and that is why I am head-over-heels for them! No other group can make me smile, laugh, and cry like they do. DBSK is my absolute favorite artist/entertainer♥

    – Which artist would you love JYJ to collaborate with?
    An artist that I would love to see JYJ collaborate with would be, as crazy as it sounds, Nicki Minaj! Her larger than life personality would definitely bring something new to the table in terms of JYJ’s sound, and would no doubt be an interesting collaboration! I believe if JYJ can handle a multiple lawsuits, they can definitely handle Nicki Minaj! Especially Yoochun ;)

    – Where are you from (country), and how old are you?
    USA, 19.

  48. toffeetama says:

    – Why/how you fell in love with DBSK/JYJ?
    I actually stumbled upon articles about DBSK several times when I was still into chinese music, and when there were several news articles about Wondergirls and DBSK’s mega comebacks, I started checking out Kpop. I listened to Mirotic but did not like it at first. So I started to explore other k-pop music, and then gradually I started watching variety shows, including a lot of the ones DBSK were on. This is when I started falling in lvoe with them. I loved their personalities. Junsu, the mood maker, the innocent, gullible, duckbutt that was always laughing. Jaejoong, the one who blurted out random things. Yunho, who was always charismatic and knew how to lead, as well as take care of other members. Yoochun, who had a dazzling smile, and made many sleazy jokes. Changmin, who smiles mis matched eyes, and stayed quiet most of the time, but occasionally released snarky comments (I read his UFO replies too~). They were a lovely individuals. Then I saw how wonderful they were as a group too. They had all the people neccessary in a group. Their teamwork amazed me to no end. Then I started to check out their music, and my love for them grew from there! Then when I listened to their live performances, I was blown away by how they sounded so alike, or even much better than the CD version of the song. Love in the Ice is forever the live performance that touches my heart ever time. Once I started becoming active online and chatting to cassies, I realized how much I loved this group and how they helped me stay sane during stressful times. I entered fandom after the lawsuit, but I am still a fan of DBSK5, and all the members in it, including JYJ. I’m glad they were able to try out different genres, styles, and write their own music. I am so proud of them :)

    – Which artist would you love JYJ to collaborate with?
    Utada Hikaru!!! But she is currently on hiatus…Maybe when she comes back from her hiatus~

    – Where are you from (country), and how old are you?
    Canada, 17 years old ^-^

  49. Juvelyn Kurniawan says:

    – Why/how you fell in love with DBSK/JYJ?
    It’s already almost 6 years since I know them. The very first time I knew them is from my friend. I only send 2 songs of DBSK to my phone that time, don’t know why I listen to that songs everyday, keep replaying and replaying.. that two songs is Hiyaya & Drive.. Honestly, because of their leader, Yunho, I was interested in them, but consistent over time, I fell in love with five of them because of their own charm that make me addicted over and over again. Watching their variety shows, making of, when they’re playing around, when they’re being dorky, when they have a chit-chat, making you can’t stop loving them. Talking about music, their music is perfect. you can trust me.

    – Which artist would you love JYJ to collaborate with?
    Yunho, Changmin.

    – Where are you from (country), and how old are you?
    I’m from Indonesia, 17th years old.. ^^

  50. Angel says:

    – Why/how you fell in love with DBSK/JYJ?

    I discovered JYJ at the darkest hour of my life and I am glad I did so. Turning to Korean dramas as one of my forms of escapism, I chanced upon watching Yoochun in Sungkyunkwan Scandal, and my first thought at the soundtrack was that it was very different from other dramas I’ve watched.

    At roughly the same time, they were also featured on Yahoo! for being the biggest boyband in the world, beating favourites like the Backstreet Boys and N’ Sync. Further reading, I realized that they were part of the hugely popular TVXQ, whom I was not particularly familiar with. I must admit, the moment I heard their voices on Sungkyunkwan Scandal drama’s OST was the exact and precise moment you got me. Jerry Maguire might’ve got Dorothy at Hello, but JYJ got me at Chajatta!

    Being a new fan, coming to know of their struggles as artists under harsh conditions made me realise that if you work hard, you’ll reap the rewards in the end. And most importantly, they’ve thought me that no matter what, we have to ‘Always keep the faith’. So indirectly they influenced me by being the source of my inspiration and my lifeline.

    – Which artist would you love JYJ to collaborate with?
    Many might say that JYJ should collaborate with an international artist, but I would think that collaborating with another Korean artist would be ideal since they would be on the same wavelength. Keeping JYJ’s direction towards going global by also producing English hits, I would love to see JYJ collaborate with missA since they are also heading in the same direction. An added plus is that the girls also sing and dance well, and have both fast and slow tempo songs, which is similar to JYJ’s style.

    – Where are you from (country), and how old are you?
    I am from Malaysia, 23 years old.

  51. Jessy says:

    Why/how you fell in love with DBSK/JYJ? I don’t have a concrete reason why. I can only say I love them because they are sweet, and silly, and they care alot about their fans.
    Which artist would you love JYJ to collaborate with? Hmm… I hadn’t actually thought about this. I really don’t know.
    Where are you from (country), and how old are you? I’m from the U.S. and am 38 years old.

  52. Sera says:

    – Why/how you fell in love with DBSK/JYJ?
    I first fell in love with Jaejoong’s voice and then found out about DBSK and JYJ. I like their harmonization on songs.
    – Which artist would you love JYJ to collaborate with?
    Hmmm…. for JYJ, I would like them to collaborate with an American artist and for the current DBSK, I actually don’t know.
    – Where are you from (country), and how old are you?
    I am from USA and am 20 years old.

  53. Barbie says:

    – Why/how you fell in love with DBSK/JYJ?
    I fell in love with them because of their love for what they do. you can see for them it’s not a job but their passion. They compose, write, arrange, produce, etc. they’re the real deal to me. I respect and admire them. That was back in 2006 and I’m still mad in love with them.

    – Which artist would you love JYJ to collaborate with?
    I would like to see an international collaboration but not like the one with kanye west, Like the song junsu had with sylvester levay. or I would like to see them collaborate with yiruma since he wanted to give them a song

    – Where are you from (country), and how old are you? USA, 20

  54. fynn says:

    – Why/how you fell in love with DBSK/JYJ?
    Their amazing voices , of course. Before this, I think all singers are same. They don’t really have the voices. But soon after I listened to Mirotic in the middle of February 2009, I fell in love with them. They have their own unique voices. Not to mention their strong dancing skills and overwhelming charisma. They made me realize the beauty of talents. Until now, I still can’t find even a singer who can beat them. I love them,truly. Always Keep The Faith.

    – Which artist would you love JYJ to collaborate with?
    I want JYJ to collabrate with TVXQ’s Yunho and Changmin

    – Where are you from (country), and how old are you?
    Malaysia,16 years old.

  55. natsuyouchan says:

    – Why/how you fell in love with DBSK/JYJ?
    I downloaded DBSK video by mistake. After watching it, I realize that I’m already a fan. I fell in love with their strong vocal and powerful performance. Their dance routine is extraordinary. I’ve never seen such energetic and eye catching performance by any other boyband/vocal group before. That mistake happened in early 2005, and I’m glad that it happened (kinda hoping that it happen sooner sometimes).

    – Which artist would you love JYJ to collaborate with?
    Justine Timberlake. He’s a genius in creating a hit. He has a same background; coming from a boyband himself, he would understand the feeling of JYJ and the direction that each member trying to take and the goal they trying to achieve. By collaborating, I think they would create a masterpiece that will blow people minds away..

    – Where are you from (country), and how old are you?
    Malaysia, 24

  56. payid aishah says:

    – Why/how you fell in love with DBSK/JYJ?
    How..when i watch rising sun music video..that song captivated me..when i’m on assignment’s deadline, i just repeatedly listen to that song all night long..and my headphones was maximum..hahaha..i miss those days..

    – Which artist would you love JYJ to collaborate with?
    Definitely TVXQ..but that must be hard for them..for international maybe they can collaborate with Jay Chou..he’s a good composer..n i think for korean artist how bout baek ji young..JYJ’s RnB voice combined with her powerful voice..OMG..that would be good

    – Where are you from (country), and how old are you?
    I’m from Malaysia and i’m 25 years old.. ^^