Worldwide Anthems

7. Pedro Suárez Vértiz – Cuando Pienses en Volver

Peruvian rocker Pedro Suarez Vertiz has been making music since the 80s, and has had relative success across Latin America. One of his hits from his 2004 album Play, Cuando Pienses en Volver — which translates to “when you think of going back” — talks to all the expats working for a better future, and that haven’t been able to find a way to stay in their home country.

When you think of going back,
here there are, your friends, your place and your loved ones
and they will hug you,
they’ll tell you that time didn’t go by,
and they’ll love you with all their heart

You work ’til late,
and you can’t take a break.
The words your mother told you start ringing,
when you’re starving for a bit of love,
Son, keep on going, get a hold of your heart.

It might have been that your land had nowhere to go,
It might have been that your dreams ha no place to stay,
But alone in your room, you will have to admit
that there might be poverty, but never loneliness

When you would already be here,
work until you cry, just like you did back there.
Only that way you’ll see that your country never failed,
but that so much love made you a slacker.
And they will hug you,
they’ll tell you that time didn’t go by,
and they’ll love you with all their heart

6. Diego Torres – Color Esperanza

Argentinean singer Diego Torres released between the years of 2001-2002 his fifth studio album Un Mundo Diferente, from which his biggest hit to date was taken. The song Color Esperanza became a huge hit of… well, the color of hope.

The song was even heard by Pope John Paul II, when Torres gave a special performance of the song to welcome him to Madrid.

I know what’s in your eyes just by looking,
that you’re tired of going and keep going,
and walking, turning in the same spot.
I know that windows can be opened,
changing the air depends on you,
it will help you, it’s worth it one more time.

Knowing that it can be possible, wanting it to be possible,
Leaving your fears, taking them out,
painting your face the color of hope,
tempting future with the heart.

It’s better to lose yourself than never set sail,
being tempted than never to have tried,
even if you see that it isn’t easy to begin.
I know that the impossible can be achieved,
that sadness will leave some day,
it will be like that, life changes and it will keep on changing.


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  1. Rodrigo says:

    Songs 6,7 & 9 are annoying for me to listen to. But great choice on using Molotov and Prisioneros for the Top 2 spots.

    • amy says:

      @Rodrigo, it’s common with people with pop bias. xD I always wonder how you liked the Spice Girls. Totally didn’t picture that. LOL

      How about the other songs?

      • Rodrigo says:

        @amy, It was during a time when pop music didn’t totally sucked and I was young. People make mistakes! :'(

        Songs 6, 7 and 9 were extremely overplayed to death during their prime. Color Esperanza isn’t bad if played once in a while. PSV’s song reminded me of a conversation I had with a friend years ago. I mentioned that song annoying me due to it being very overplayed (songs can actually get on my shitlist for this factor and last there for a period of time), he replied back with saying the song didn’t apply to me at the moment, which was a valid point. The mere sound of the Aristia song makes me want to curbstomp a cat, though. I can’t stand that song!

        The rest of the songs are fine by me.

        • amy says:

          @Rodrigo, lol – actually… if you look away from pop in English, you’ll find that pop doesn’t really suck. xD

          I agree though, songs get overplayed… but I guess that’s part of them becoming a lot of people’s anthems. Otherwise it’d be songs that one just knows…

          I like my translations though hahahaha.

  2. Mirella Snape says:

    I’ve just come to say I love… the top 3 XD

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