Worldwide Anthems

10. g.o.d. – 길 (Gil) Road

Late 90s Korean boyband g.o.d — Groove Over Dose — released their biggest hit in 2001 with Road, a song questioning destiny with uncertainty but still sticking by it. With lyrics like “I wonder what really gives me happiness / is it money? / is it reputation? / or is it the ones I love? / I really want to know, but I can’t figure it out / I want to say that this is my road with confidence / believe in my faith and never turn back / never regret my choices

You can check the lyric translation here.

9. Ariztía – A Veces Me Parece

Ariztia is a 90s Chilean vocal group, that ended up having its biggest hit across the region with more pop rock flare. Their song A Veces me Parece — which translates literally to “sometimes it seems to me” — talks about someone that’s being attacked with words and rumors, errors of the past that they didn’t commit… and whatnot.

I’ve told you silently
I’ve landed badly, that they’ve shot me
with bullets charged with anger and frustration
for being who I am

That they’ve hurt me from childhood ’til my old age
swallowing the pain, sins and debts
of your parents, whom never asked.
I don’t want them to tell me what I ought to do, or what is right
that works is this, and that lying is that…
I just want to survive.

And sometimes it seems a little weird to me
explaining so much to everyone else,
that they tell you what’s been said and that they’ve heard
that you are not the same, that you’re far worse.
And sometimes it seems a little weird to me
that we worry so much in what they’ll say.
In the end who cares about your history,
if you’re happy or not

You can check the Spanish lyrics here.

8. Barlow – Walk Away

I bet you didn’t expect a song in English on this list, but Canadian Barlow is a virtual unknown — No, seriously. You can probably google him, and you’ll end up here. Little is known about him, but his single Walk Away from his debut album titled Barlow in 2003 caused a splash in Canada… so it’s probably that some Canadians know him.

The song is kind of a mash-up between TLC’s Waterfalls (awesome) with TLC’s Unpretty (which was also featured on that Glee episode), so it fits the fill of Worldwide anthem. ;D

Christine’s depression never seems to end,
‘Cause she’ll never be as skinny as the girls on Friends.
She’s got fat hips, and thin lips, she’s jealous of a Q-tip
She’d take stupid or fat.
She stuck her fingers down her throat for the very last time today,
And she walked away

Malcom’s got his image,
His rock and his glock,
And if he lives to see 20, he will have beat the clock.
He’s got his ride, his pride and girls by his side
He makes a stance with a gun in his hand.
He saw his best friend lying on a stainless steel tray,
And he walked away.

Doesn’t matter that you’re lying in the gutter,
Doesn’t matter that you’re brains all cluttered.
Doesn’t matter that you’re covered in scars,
Your never in the gutter with you’re eyes on the stars


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5 Responses

  1. Rodrigo says:

    Songs 6,7 & 9 are annoying for me to listen to. But great choice on using Molotov and Prisioneros for the Top 2 spots.

    • amy says:

      @Rodrigo, it’s common with people with pop bias. xD I always wonder how you liked the Spice Girls. Totally didn’t picture that. LOL

      How about the other songs?

      • Rodrigo says:

        @amy, It was during a time when pop music didn’t totally sucked and I was young. People make mistakes! :'(

        Songs 6, 7 and 9 were extremely overplayed to death during their prime. Color Esperanza isn’t bad if played once in a while. PSV’s song reminded me of a conversation I had with a friend years ago. I mentioned that song annoying me due to it being very overplayed (songs can actually get on my shitlist for this factor and last there for a period of time), he replied back with saying the song didn’t apply to me at the moment, which was a valid point. The mere sound of the Aristia song makes me want to curbstomp a cat, though. I can’t stand that song!

        The rest of the songs are fine by me.

        • amy says:

          @Rodrigo, lol – actually… if you look away from pop in English, you’ll find that pop doesn’t really suck. xD

          I agree though, songs get overplayed… but I guess that’s part of them becoming a lot of people’s anthems. Otherwise it’d be songs that one just knows…

          I like my translations though hahahaha.

  2. Mirella Snape says:

    I’ve just come to say I love… the top 3 XD

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