Top10 MTV Unplugged Latino Duets

2. Soda Stereo featuring Andrea Echeverri – En la Ciudad de la Furia

To this day, Soda Stereo is one of the only two performers in the entire history of the MTV Unplugged series to get away with using “plugged in” instruments in their live performance (the other is Bruce Springsteen). The result? A spellbinding, masterful concert that keeps intact the Soda Stereo style while managing to successfully tackle different kinds of sounds.

While Un Misíl en mi Placard [MV] was easily Soda’s greatest acoustic performance that night in Miami, it’s the surreal performance of En la Ciudad de la Furia — one of the darkest songs in Soda’s repertoire — that steals the show. The electric elements work at their strongest here, and once Andrea Echeverri starts to sing, the performance is taken to another level that very few could reach, let alone match. It’s a legendary performance that will stand the test of time despite not being an Unplugged song at all. – Rodrigo

1. La Ley featuring Ely Guerra – El Duelo

I have no idea whether it’s due to Rodrigo’s and my age, but the early millennium was the highest in terms of MTV Unplugged Latino performances for us. We just didn’t need to fight on who should be #1 on this list, it was that simple. This is just a really FREAKING good performance by La Ley in their 2001 show, featuring Mexico’s own Ely Guerra, who reaches those moments of musical heights when she just lets herself go.

I don’t think we’ve been much into Latin Rock since those days… – Amy

Anyway, which one of these is your favorite?

Did we miss any on our research?


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