Top10 MTV Unplugged Latino Duets

8. Diego Torres featuring Vicentico – Usted

I don’t really have anything insightful to say about this song, but I just really love Vicentico, who seems to fit really well in this particular Diego Torres performance from his 2004 show — which, to me, is the height of his musical career, unless you count his song Abriendo Caminos [MV] with Juan Luis Guerra.

Plus, I just love that this is a song from a man to a woman, but it’s sung by two dudes who flirt with each other at the beginning of the song. LOL – Amy

7. Titãs featuring Fito Páez – Go Back

I’m pretty sure that we could have gone with Televisão, which featured Rita Lee [MV] as a guest star, and easily the perfect way to close the show. We’re saving Rita for later because I decided to pick the Spanish version of Go Back, the show’s second song, which included Fito Páez jamming with the band. It turned out to be a fun and relaxing performance from everyone involved. – Rodrigo


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