Top10 MTV Unplugged Latino Duets

10. Ricky Martin featuring La Mari de Chambao & Tommy Torres – Tu Recuerdo

Say what you will, but really… just like there’s no list of Chinese music without Jay Chou [1], there’s really no complete list of contemporary Latin music if we don’t have a mention of Ricky Martin.

This single featuring La Mari from electro flamenco group Chambao contains music and lyrics by Tommy Torres, who appears on the single on the guitar and vocals, and also produced the album, which became one of the most popular and critically well-received albums of 2006. – Amy

9. Charlie Brown, Jr. featuring Negra Li – Não é Sério

The original version of Não é Sério [MV] — one of the greatest songs from Charlie Brown, Jr. — featured former RZO singer Negra Li by the end of the song. The acoustic live performance uses Li more often, resulting in a memorable performance of a pretty dark song that has striking lyrics about the Brazilian youth struggling to make progress in life in a problematic country. – Rodrigo


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