The Ultimate Guide to Boy Bands of the 90s

The original idea for this post was for it to be “a guide to forgotten boy bands of the 90s” for the Time Machine: Back to the 90’s Blogathon. However, as all things having to do with lists in my life, things got a little out of hand and this became a guide of most boy bands that were founded in the 90s.

Note: These were founded in the 90s, not founded before and kept active in the 90s (I’m sorry, Boyz II Men, Menudo and Magneto).

In this list we won’t see any girl groups (I’m sorry, Spice Girls, TLC and All Saints), co-ed groups (sorry, Step, Kabah, S Club, Vengaboys, Torbellino, Aqua or A*Teens), nor boys that had bands and played their instruments — so I’m sorry to say that I’m skipping Hanson, SoulDecision, the Moffatts, and BBMak altogether.

Without further ado~

Hi-Five – 1990 – USA

Status: Disbanded in 1994
Reunion: Got together in 2005, but member Tony Thompson passed away in 2007. The band was reformed in 2012 with two new members.

Take That – 1990 – UK

Status: Disbanded in 1996
Reunion: Got back together in 2005, with Robbie Williams since 2010.

112 – 1991 – USA

Status: Still active (with a hiatus between 2008-2009) and the return of all members in 2010.


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