Ten Music Video Highlights of 2010

8. Cee Lo Green – F*ck You

When Cee Lo released such a classy sounding song as F*ck You (Forget You, for the masses *yawn*), everyone was buzzing~ Even more when the typographical version of the video came out. Not to say the regular “official” version [MV] is bad, but the use of the lyrics gave it a little UMPH and made the whole concept of the song stand out from the bunch.

7. 2NE1 – Clap your Hands

For a girl group that just released their first (proper) album late in 2010, 2NE1 has really made a difference. 1. They’re being pushed internationally, with an official YouTube channel that uploads their shows, and sometimes subtitles — something fans mostly do — follow that example. 2. 2NE1 shows us that girl groups don’t necessarily need to be cute and huggable. Girls are rocking.

Plus, they released a really great bunch of music videos to promote their music. Starting with Try to Follow Me [MV], and the triple-threat release of Clap your Hands, Go Away [MV], and Can’t Nobody [MV] which were launched one right after the other.

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  1. amy says:

    LOL, Ghost – I can totally tell you are sneaking in a lot of the videos I discussed on my blog. O=o I didn’t know Elva Hsiao was going to be so high up, really?

    For some non-Asian fans, your Asian MV choices are going to be controversial too xD Putting Monkey Majik, Elva and 2NE1 ahead of Arcade Fire LOL And putting OK GO ahead of them too! Wayyyy ahead!

  2. julili says:

    Who is this ghost person? I think I know?? hmmmmm

  3. yam magazine says:

    @julili Ghost is actually a bunch of people xD they all share one account, and almost never comments. Mysterious S.O.Bs xD

    Funny that people seem more interested in knowing Ghost… that their list. xD

  4. ghost says:

    @amy, I take the fifth.

    @yammag, I was duped! What’s that about sharing an account…

    To be honest, it was really hard not to place Born Free on top, which is my favorite music video, and I would have placed Badu ahead of Lady Gaga.

    Elva… I have a soft guilty pleasure soft spot for her. Gotta give it to her for making that video and trying to promote it in Singapore. This type of thing could possibly be a career killer, but she just gave them a Rainbow even gayer version. In Kylie’s case, which is also about free love and all that crap, she could either choose to pull the video (since there’s no other version), but her decision isn’t a big risk… she’s still famous everywhere else.

  5. ghost says:

    Shush, yam~

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