SXSW Roundup: Galaxy Express

I’m sure you checked out some great music while you were at SXSW, did you discover anyone new?

Jong-hyun: We only saw a few bands play at SXSW. We watched Kasabian, Jimmy Cliff, and Neon Trees. We performed eight times during the festival, so we didn’t have a lot of time to catch other performances. We really enjoyed walking around downtown Austin and soaking up the atmosphere of the festival, though.

Hee-kwon: Although we were really busy at SXSW, we did discover some really good bands during other parts of our tour like Duke, The Blind Pets, and Social Bliss. We hope to meet up with all of those acts again during our next American tour.

Galaxy Express forms a “tower of sound” at the official SXSW showcase.

In 2010, you split from your label and started Love Rock Company, how has that process been for you? Do you feel more free to do what you want now?

Jong-hyun: It’s been really good having our own label. We’ve got a lot more freedom to do what we want. We plan our own shows and can decide when we want to make albums. It’s awesome to have complete control over our music and our schedule. When we first started Love Rock, there was a lot to learn. We’re slowly getting smarter, though. And things are definitely getting better with each new step we take.

On the same subject, I know the band Telepathy is also on the Love Rock label, are there other bands too? Or are you working on getting more onto the label?

Ju-hyun: Pavlov signed to Love Rock earlier this year. Pavlov are four young, energetic guys. They make raw rock music and sound like The Stooges. They are really good!


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