Swedish Music of 2011 – Highlights

Roomie – 42

I was rooting for this group to win the Metro On Stage challenge this year. Nevertheless, this must be the cutest song about math ever. I will keep my eyes on Roomie and hope for more amazing songs from them.

Laleh – Here I Go Again

Så Mycket Bättre is a show in Sweden where musical artists, young and new, get together and remix songs from each other. Last year’s edition had a mega hit by September when she did a cover of Petter’s Mikrofonkåt [1]. That single saved September’s career. This year it was all about Laleh. She has been an artist since 2003 but with this show she got the recognition she missed. She was able to make one heck of a comeback and 2012 is going to be her year. I just hope whatever she releases, it will be as good as her previous work, if not better. Prepare to be blown away with how good Laleh is when you hear the original song of Laleh’s cover [2].

Mange Makers – Fest Hos Mange

Sure, this is not what many will accept as “music”, but there is no denying the impact Mange Makers had on Swedish music this year. It’s not meant to be serious. If anything they are being ironic. I for one find it funny, therefore I like it. I wasn’t kidding when I said on my Facebook that they might be the future of Swedish music. These kids do know how to mix.


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  1. tina says:

    this its such an awesome list. I can’t say I completely agree with everything on it but I love how you’re entirely unafraid to look past such pretty things as music genres…

    • Julyssa says:

      @tina, When it comes to music, I am an all-eater. If a song is good, then it is good. I don’t care about genres, nor do I discriminate. Music is amazing as it is, despite what it might be :D

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