Smack In The Face: Interview With Asian Chairshot

What was it like recording with Jeff Schroeder and Ryan Grostefon? How did that collaboration come about?

Jeff spent a few months in Korea last year. He saw us play and we hung out together. We suggested that he produce our first full-length, and he agreed to do it. Jeff called Ryan and asked him to fly to Korea to work on the album as well. We’re very touched that they both decided to work with us. We still can’t believe that Jeff Schroeder from Smashing Pumpkins produced our album!

After you release your full-length album later this year what are your plans? Any plans to tour in the US?

After our UK tour, we’re going to perform at the Music Matters festival in Singapore and then will play a few shows in Malaysia as well. We’re going to release Horizon on May 28. This summer, we’ll be appearing at a few summer music fests in Korea and will be play lots of other gigs to promote Horizon. We don’t have any plans to tour the US yet, but we’d love to perform there one day. We’re hoping to share our music with as many people around the world as we can.

Do you have a favorite or interesting memory from performing?

I think I have a lot more bad memories than good memories! I guess the bad memories stick around longer. Playing at the Jarasum International Jazz Festival in 2011 is a really good memory. We’d only been a band for a few months so we learned a lot from that experience. The Jisan Valley Rock Festival in 2012 was really cool too because it was our first time to play at a major rock festival.


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