Seeing the Light – Interview with Lightcraft

We heard you are going to release new music late this year or early next year – but you’re going to give us a sneak preview at SXSW – what can we expect?

That is very true! If you have heard of our previous material, you will pinpoint a significant difference in terms of the approach to songwriting and the overall sound. We can’t really guarantee this, but we’re keeping our fingers crossed that our new material will blow some minds at SXSW and put a huge smile on everyone’s faces!

What are you looking forward to most about your time in Austin and at SXSW?

The music! Thousands of bands from all over the world will be there along with luminaries from the international music industry, and we will get the opportunity to rub shoulders with them, see them play live, speak to them, and hopefully make friends with them. You really can’t beat that! Also, we get to perform at SXSW! That in itself is a dream-come-true scenario for us. We just can’t wait!

What is your favorite way to unwind?

I like nothing more than to just relax at home. Any day when I can hang out and jut browse the Internet, write songs, snack on Cheetos Puffs, read a good book, binge-watch a TV series, and play FIFA 17 on my PS4 – is the best day off ever. It would be even better if I could start the day by playing futsal or soccer in the morning.

Thanks so much for reaching out to us and taking the time to chat with us! Any last words to the YAM Magazine readers?

You’re most welcome, and thank you so much for the chat! YAM Magazine readers, it’s been a pleasure, and we hope that you can come and check us out at:

Palm Door on Sabine
SXSW 2017 in Austin, Texas
March 17, 2017

Also, head on over to for more info on us, and follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Remember to always follow your passion in life, because you only live once!

You can purchase Lightcraft’s music on Bandcamp & iTunes, and listen on Soundcloud.


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