Seeing the Light – Interview with Lightcraft

Is there any part of touring that you don’t enjoy?

For me personally – the flying, especially really long flights. And then you get to the immigration part, which is never fun. But once you’ve exited the airport and really arrive at your destination, it is the best feeling ever.

Do you have a favorite tour memory, or concert you performed?

It would definitely be playing at Liverpool Sound City last year. To be a part of such a huge music festival in a country that has given birth to the music that we have been inspired by was just surreal. And the fact that we managed to win the crowd over made it even more memorable. We took a selfie with all of them afterwards. It was a magical moment for us, really. And then we got to watch one of our favourite bands The Coral perform too.

Last year you released Another Life, and the song and video seem exceptionally poignant. Where did the idea for the video come from?

It was the video director’s idea, actually. His name is Charda Adytama, and he’s an award-winning artist and designer who is currently residing in London. We were introduced to him by a friend of ours. We presented him with the concept behind the song, and he came back to us with an idea of using his cell phone as he followed a real homeless chap from Manchester – whom he knew personally – as he strolled through London. Needless to say, we immediately said yes!

Why does the struggle of immigrants resonate with you so much as musicians?

Perhaps it may resonate more with touring musician who do not stay at one place for a long period of time. Also, many musicians struggle when they first start out. They do it for their passion of music despite knowing the risks that come along with it. To be honest, it is a struggle that we are still trying to overcome. For us personally, we feel deeply saddened by their plight. And the fact that there are so many of our fellow Indonesians across the country and the world who have chosen to move somewhere to achieve a better life, but are struggling to make ends meet really moved us.

Did you ever get an update with Mark? (We really hope he was able to find work!)

Unfortunately, no, we haven’t! However, we did make a donation to help his cause. We hope it helped him in some way and that he has managed to get a job!


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