Screaming into the US: Interview with Hollow Jan

Have you had any interesting experiences yet? Or anything that’s surprised you about the States?

Hwan Taek: The weather.
Sung Chul: For me, it’s surprising how open minded everyone in Austin is about music.

Screamo is a really rare style in Korea, do you think there is a rising interest in this type of music there?

HwanTaek: Oh, no there isn’t. There’s a certain type of person that like this kind of music. I think it’s going to get more popular in the future, eventually, because of social issues in Korea.

What is your creative process like? Who does most of the writing?

Hwan Taek: Our guitarist Kwang Jae writes the melody, and then we all come together and work on the song after that.

Who, or what inspired you to become musicians?

Hwan Taek: For me the biggest reason I became a musician was because I was into music so much, I liked music so much, that’s why I started. For Hollow Jan, I think human beings themselves are our inspiration. How we are inspired.


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