Rumbling with the Best in K-pop

To me, Rumble Fish represents awesome Korean music before the K-pop Hallyu Wave came crashing in 2009.  Their songs range from mellow and calm to the more rockish and energetic.  One of their first songs that I listened to was called I Want to Fall Asleep (졸려) from their debut album, Swing Attack. This song instantly got me hooked on the group, and it may even get you addicted as well:

Swing Attack was released in 2004, and became so anticipated within the indie community that their fan club swelled up to 2,500 before its release. Just by the initial fan support alone, their budding careers looked promising already. If promising could be defined as taking home various awards, then Rumble Fish did quite well — in 2003 alone, the group won three awards: the Superior Award in Ssamji Sound Festival, the Grand Prize in Korea Rock Championship, and the Grand Prize in SBS Net Song Festival.

Part of Rumble Fish’s charm was their song writing. Since they had no major record label, they self-wrote their songs — their melodies, catchy music arrangements, and playing to the audience also made them crowd favorites.

A year later in 2005, the four-person rockers came back with their second album, Have a Nice Day. Again, showcasing Choi’s sultry rock voice, while the drumming and acoustic music background in many of their songs also provided great beats for any listener. One of my favorites on the album was Wanting You (너를 기다려).


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  1. amy says:

    Great music, Jangta! I didn’t know about the group, but I’m more surprised in the change of type of music, Choi has really done a complete turn around. The good thing is that the band was signed before the genre change… the sad thing is that the change is what’s gotten Rumble Fish the most fans.

    Is there any website to buy her albums? I think I saw one album in YesAsia, but other digital places? iTunes maybe?

  2. Julyssa says:

    Wow! Oki, you have my attention, what albums of Rumble Fish should I listen to?

  3. Jangta says:

    Thanks for the comments! To your replies below:

    @Amy: I think Choi was somewhat forced to go more towards ballads and soft-rock after the group’s break up. As you know, ballads is the easiest choice to go as a solo singer here in Korea. I do agree though in that most fans were into the group’s pop-rock tunes from 2003-2010.

    As for where to buy her albums, I know YesAsia, iTunes, Kyobo Book Store (Korean), Evan Records (Korean) and Hot tracks (Korean) are places to buy them. Let me know if you need help if you plan on buying from a Korean chain.

    @Julyssa: I would say to start with Swing Attack, Open the Safe, and One Sweet Day to start out :).

    • amy says:

      @Jangta, I’m actually stopping in Seoul for about a week around March 21st, so I’m kinda looking forward seeing Korean albums in stores hahaha. Are there any gigs Between Mar21-28? Concert or gigs in Hong-dae?

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