Rediscovering the Past: Daihakken and CS Channel by Tokyo Jihen

Back in the days when Columbus discovered the Americas, the Europeans did created a new land of hope and glory by “purging the legacy of the past.

This is pretty much goes hand in hand with the term “discovery” — it somehow has the connotation that the past was no good or at least not good enough — and that’s why with a discovery, there comes a new hope that might change the world for the better.

Not the case with Tokyo Jihen’s latest album Daihakken, and their video collection, CS Channel. Especially when viewed in conjunction with the four officially released promotional videos (PVs) so far.

Let’s see if what I see is what you see too:

First, Fly Me to Heaven, literally A Girl is Anyone (女の子は誰でも), aka. Onna no Ko wa Daredemo.

Next, Brand New Civilization (新しい文明開化) [MV], aka. Atarashii Bunmeikaika.

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  1. It seemed more like a ’30’s musical look in the video for “Onna no Ko wa Dare demo.” I really like how Shiina Ringo incorporates jazzy pop into both her solo efforts and her work with Tokyo Jihen.

  2. Adrienne Lew says:


    Musically I am with you — it indeed sounds like something from George Gershwin’s musical masterpieces. And this is exactly what makes Ringo’s PVs so very entertaining: they can be approached from so many interesting perspectives that they themselves have become yet another form of enjoyment. ;>

  3. amy says:

    Tokyo Jihen started out as a kind of heavy band, right? I remember I listened to both their first albums, and I felt it was a huge departure from the sound Ringo had in that double album, Singer’s Luck.

    Then by the time Sports came out, it seemed Tokyo Jihen sounded more like Ringo… and with their latest, it seemed like they finally found a balance.

    I love how they are able to bring all these elements into their music. Whatever the way they manage to sound like, you can always say they sound like Tokyo Jihen. xD

  4. Emily Tanner says:

    :D awesome adrienne!

  1. May 13, 2014

    […] jazz band sound therein leaves traces of The Lady is a Tramp [clip], Onna no Ko wa Daredemo [MV], and Kurumaya-san [MV] here and […]

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