Power to the Youth! Interview with Glen Check

I loved Youth! It sounded like music from childhood – did you intend to create an album that was something similar to music from your own youth, or were you trying to create more of an anthem for the youth of today?

Both actually. When we started working on “Youth!” we had this idea of bringing back the memories of the 90’s. The era was a perfect setup for us to come up with “young” ideas, as we are the 90’s generation. As we are still young, we wanted to blend the youthfulness of the present as well. We spend a lot of time experimenting with sounds and rhythms, trying to reach the perfect balance.

Were you worried about releasing such a summery album in winter time?

Not at all. The whole idea of this album was to make the listeners imagine the atmosphere of summer. Besides, we dream of the future, for this album, this year’s upcoming summer will be the climax.


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