Ode to the Doom: Briefing with Laure Shang

Whenever I’ve tried to get your music, I’ve never been able to find you on iTunes (or other music retailers), are there plans to expand your “international” online presence to make it easier for us non-Mandarin speakers (or non-Chinese readers) to read about you and support your music?

Good question, I think my team will have something to work on now! Thanks!

And finally…

You’ve spoken of the “Made in China” tag, not as products, but as talent and creativity being nurtured within the new China. How have you seen the development of young creatives in the past few years? Who are your favorite new designers and photographers, and who should we be keeping an eye out for?

One thing is for sure, the next Chinese young generation will be seeking a very different creativity. They will be totally open to all new things and feel free to express their own things. There will be no limits or boundaries.

I’m keeping an eye on talents who will be able to keep with the pace, or even lead the team. People like Masha Ma [MashaMaStudio.com] [Facebook] [Weibo], Li Wei… etc.

Laure Shang’s Ode to the Doom was released on August 22nd, and you can listen to it all on Xiami, where you can actually pay for it if you figure out how to navigate the site. Xiami accepts Paypal.

I’ll let you all know when Laure shows up on iTunes (this is her current listing, not available in all stores), and at the moment these are the only items available on YesAsia.


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  1. laoma says:

    Thanks for posting such an interview, especially put my questions on Itunes in your interview.

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