My Life as a Concert Photographer

A good sign that you have been hooked on concert photography is when you go to shows and you recognize moments during the show that should have been awesome pictures. This happened to me recently when I saw Pearl Jam in Sweden.

Eddie Vedder had so many facial expressions and jumps worthy of giving anyone a great portfolio in just one night. A lot of people tried, with their iPhones, but I guess that those pictures became quite blurry and those fans came home and wondered why they hadn’t enjoyed the show instead of taking a bunch of crappy pictures.

To summarize, I love concert photography because it consists of two things I love: music and photography.

Hopefully, I will never grow tired of it and there will be some great gigs up ahead. This August, Lady Gaga will come to Sweden, and I guess that will be kind of a cool show.

All my pictures can be found on this site: Frontstage Photo

If you have any questions about photography or about my gigs, don’t hesitate to email me at

Here are some of my favorite pictures.


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  1. This was fascinating to read about. Keep up the great work!

  2. amy says:

    how do you deal with venues you’ve never been to? Or do you just carry all your lenses around? xD

    • Peter says:

      @amy, I actually do carry most of my equipment with me since the rules are different from gig to gig. I invested in an good backpack (Lowepro 400AW) and my back thanks me for it :)

      • amy says:

        @Peter, I have one obstacle that you don’t have. When I go out with my camera, I have a high percentage of getting mugged. LOL So I prefer not having to carry all my equipment with me xD

        Maybe I should do a “My Life as a Peruvian Concert Photographer” hahaha

        • Peter says:

          @amy, Haha, yeah that sound like fun! Maybe you can have your equipment list like this:

          – Nikon D700
          – Nikkor 50mm Ai 1.8
          – Magnum 57
          – Kevlar vest
          – Tamron 28-75mm 2.8

  3. Holger says:

    Thanks for the great and honest read, Peter.
    I really enjoy your photos here and on your website!
    Keep it up!

    • Peter says:

      @Holger, Thanks a bunch!

      I like you pictures as well, especially the HDRs. Are you going to take more pictures of that band you shot earlier? It was nice pictures.


  4. Holger says:

    thanks mate,
    I did another band shoot last week. The bands feedback was: “nice try but not a single one is of use to us”. ;-)
    I’ve asked them to come up with a shooting vision of what would be of use and we’re working on that.
    I have a few concerts scheduled in the next weeks – trying to build a portfolio and hopefully find a way to affiliate with a magazine/online mag as well to shoot for them.
    that’s nice, at least so I read ;)

  5. Peter says:

    Haha, thats pretty harsh. But sure, its hard to know what bands look for in a shots from the show. My experience is that bands often want pictures of themselves with the audience but also pictures that show the atmosphere of the gig…but often its just full profile with cool and raw expressions on their faces.

    Nice to hear that you are shooting more shows. I bet you will have a nice concert portfolio to display soon.

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