MusicDish: Interview with Tizzy Bac

Tizzy Bac recently returned from performing at the SXSW Festival in the US. SXSW was a great experience for Tizzy Bac as they met and mixed it up with indie bands from various countries and backgrounds. But it merely whet their appetite for something even bigger in the future – their first US tour, calling the possibility “a unique and precious opportunity.”


Every music lover can go for their dreams— for us three, who all came from different bands, our brand became unique because of our passion for music.


Tizzy Bac admits that while all of the members have listened to a wide variety of western music, with a particular emphasis on rock, Taiwanese music (especially Taiwanese folk songs) has had the greatest influence on their sound. While their music is certainly flavored with western elements, they manage to maintain a very ‘local’ sound. Taiwanese, the local dialect that has a much longer history than the more currently used Mandarin, has also had a significant influence on their musical inspirations.

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There’s also a Chinese version.