MusicDish: Interview with A-Mei Chang

When I was asked to interview A-Mei, I was somewhat trepidatious at first. Anyone who’s followed what I’ve done over the years knows that I tend to avoid anything Pop, let alone a Pop Diva. These things tend to be so removed from the lives and experiences of the average working musician that have been at the heart of what MusicDish is all about. But as the interview started, I realized that A-Mei is lightyears away from the pop queen caricature. Rather, I was facing an open, engaging and sincere person with a story at the heart of what life and music is all about.


I think that if you find your true passion in music, you should keep walking on that path. But along the journey, you should also be prepared for failure. Not everyone who works hard will succeed and it may take years with several setbacks. You therefore really need to learn to face that fact.

Read the full interview over at MusicDish.

There’s also a Chinese version.