Julyssa’s Music Highlights of 2011

1. Dream High Cast – Dream High OST

I find myself surprised with this entry here but I can’t deny it. Dream High as a drama is still one of the better ones I saw last year/this year. It wasn’t perfect but it had a whole lot of heart. It was fun, young and spunky. It made me love humanity again. The acting wasn’t that great but thanks to Soo-Hyun Kim you forgot about that.

I have said it time and time again — when it comes to Korean TV dramas, even if they suck, they tend to have amazing OSTs. Of all the Korean dramas I’ve seen this year (which is quite an impressive list that I will be sharing in the coming days – and now I realize why I am so behind with all my reviews), every single one of them has an amazing OST. I still very much love this OST and speak the world of it. You can read my review where I go into great detail as to why.

Listen to the album on Xiami. Buy the album on YesAsia.


That is it for my music year 2011. I had such difficulty making this list because I listened to so much. But I also have such a hard time making up my mind. I had a hard time cutting other albums. Good thing I have other highlights where I get to talk about some of the albums that didn’t make this cut.

I am so looking forward to 2012. It has even more to offer. I only pray that the Kpop gets better, cus as of late it has kind of sucked.

What have you been listening to during 2011?


Music is all I do: I work in music, I write about music, I listen to music.

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  1. Mirella says:

    Damn, the only song I can recognize is the 2NE1 one, and that’s only because I have a friend who is a fan of the group (and keeps dancing this particular song all the freaking time).

  2. Dani says:

    I am confused. You put Republic of 2PM on the list, say it’s good and sexy and all that….but then you say that “their first Japanese album didn’t cut it for this list”……what? Republic of 2PM IS their first Japanese album and it looks like it’s on the list so this is really confusing. Are you sure that you didn’t just want to mention I’m Your Man, their second single?

    • Julyssa says:

      @Dani, It’s not on the list. The list contains 10 entries. I added 2PM as an honorable mention. Cus as much as I love the album, well to me it wasn’t good enough to make my list.

      I am just being biased and using it as an excuse to again share that overly sexy 2PM mv….

  3. E says:

    Can’t believe I missed Nicolas solo! She was my fav member too (mostly based on looks actually).

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