Hustlerz Ambition: Interview with Young Jeezy

By Peter Andersson

Hip-Hop legend Young Jeezy was in town to promote his latest album TM:103 Hustlerz Ambition. YAM Magazine got a chance to meet him for a couple of questions after the show. When I met him, he was sitting in sofa reading a magazine and drinking energy drinks. Surrounding us were ten people from his crew all packed in the small loge of the Göta Källare club.

Hey, how’s it going Jeezy?

Wazzup homie.

So good show tonight.

Yeah, right? Did you enjoy it?

Yeah! People were still dancing several minutes after you left the show.

Yeah, that’s good right?

Yeah. So how do you compare this gig with the last one in Malmö, some days earlier?

Nah, this was crazy tonight. [Baby Yu, the Canadian DJ who is following Young Jeezy on his tour, enters the loge] BABY YU! You wanna get in on this interview and talk some shit?

Baby Yu: Yeah, for sure.

Cool, please join us. How long have you been working together?

Baby Yu: We started out when we started the tour. It was a last minute call.

Jeezy: Yeah, and now he is stuck with me for life. He is fucked up. [Everybody laughs]

But you guys knew each other from before?

Jeezy: Yeah, I knew him from the radio stations and from some clubs. He is one of the coolest Japanese people I know, and when I say that, I mean, he understands. A lot of motherfuckas don’t get it. When he is DJ-ing on radio stations, you don’t know what nationality he is, straight up.

Baby Yu: Yeah, some people still think I’m black. A lot of the fans.

Oh yeah? Why?

Baby Yu: Because I play Hip-Hop and whatever…

Jeezy: No, no, no. Everybody can play Hip-Hop. But, he plays the right music, and he understands the right blends. He understands what goes or what doesn’t. It’s like me with rapping. I understand what types of lyrics to put and certain type of beats to it.

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