Hit the Zoo: Interview with Exile Parade

Beijing is an exciting city. Is there something in particular you’re looking forward to during your stay there?

Last time we only saw Beijing through windows and backstreets, so there will be chances to take a good look round. We just take it in as we go, and go where we fancy. McDonald’s, I should think.

As an artist, what kind of vibe do you get from playing live for a Chinese crowd as opposed to a European crowd?

It’s hard to get across. We have only played to Chinese crowds a few times. It feels to me like going to another planet and playing our music. It’s so unique, it really is that different from Britain. But we are all the same when it comes down to it, people love music — it’s always been that way.

I agree. Music is where every single culture comes together. No exceptions. Speaking of music in other cultures, any local Chinese musicians you fancy?

Yeah, I fancy Chochukmo big time!

Imagine you’re inviting the entire world to come see you in China. What would your invitation say?

World, this is your invitation to Exile Parade in China, please bring a chair and some comfortable shoes.

Yours sincerely,


Exile Parade will be performing at the Zebra Music Festival (星尚热波音乐节) on July 22 and with Chochukmo at Yuyintang (育音堂)  [Official Website] [Smart Shanghai] on July 24th.

You can follow Exile Parade’s activities through Facebook, MySpace, Douban and Weibo


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