Heroes in Their Own Rights – Interview With Eastern Sidekick

You’ve been picked up by a big label in Korea, won numerous awards and also played several international festivals, what do you consider your proudest moment as a band? What do you still dream of achieving?

Inhyuk: I’m happy to be able to stand side by side with big names, those people who we weren’t able to before.

Hangyul: Really glad we can share the same stage.


In the US music industry professionals believe you can make a living off your music with only 1,000 fans, do you feel this is at all accurate for Korean musicians?

Hangyul: Music just unites everyone. But it could be a little challenging for us especially in Korea. But we’re definitely willing and able to do so. It’s not the number of fans we focus on; it’s our music. Even though it’s challenging we can just plow through it and make it work. We can see our popularity rising.

What are you most looking forward to here in Austin? Are there any bands you want to see perform?

Inhyuk: Incubus! I really like them.

Hangyul: This is our first time here and I really just want to perform. We’re really excited.

Sanghwan: And also Sixth Street!

Thanks for talking to YAM! Do you have any words for our readers?

Hangyul: We’re really happy and we’re glad we were able to come here to perform on stage. We like that it’s not a very common thing that we get to come to the States to perform, but we’re going to try our best. Be sure to look out for our new album and our new song. We’ve put a lot of effort into it.

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