Heroes in Their Own Rights – Interview With Eastern Sidekick

What do you use to achieve that guttural sound? Is there a lot of filters and pedal work involved? Do you have any favorite gear?

Myungchul: We don’t want to use a lot of special effects when performing on the stage, because that’s going to complicate the music that we make. It doesn’t matter if we have the one bright light, if it’s just a small venue where there’s some space where not a lot of people gather. Because we don’t want to complicate the sound or the music, so we just solely use our instruments, so we don’t do a lot of filtering.

Your last release was in 2012, do you have any new material in the works?

Hangyul: We’re in the process of recording right now, and we’re trying to bring  new music out.

Inhyuk: But at the same time we don’t want to confuse things with our last release. So we want to go with the vintage, the basic.

Who writes most of the music? Is it a collaborative effort?

Inhyuk: Hangyul makes the music mostly by himself. For modification and adding more stuff to it is when we get together. But the skeleton of the music is produced by him.

What would you say your recording style is? What is a typical recording session like?

Hangyul: We already have set up what parts we’re going to play and where we each come in at, it’s just a matter of how much of each instrument we want while we’re producing the music. We already have everything set up, but in terms of technicalities and little changes, we add it while working together & recording.


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