Hecho A Mano: Interview with Monsieur Periné

Hecho a Mano… isn’t it a title that is aware of how you are actually faring? Like everything that you’re doing is by your own merits…

Yes, the title has to do with it. What we do is real music, played for real with real instruments and has little digital treatment and that’s not only in music, but also the way we want to express ourselves and what we’re doing since… since almost the experience with Arteman, the one who specializes in one work and delivers all his passion and knowledge through the creation that one can do with his own hands.

I see that this is an interesting data on how you connect everything with the album’s title with everything and your career… and how, how do you expect to name your second album? I guess you may already have several temptative names.

Yes, no, but we still don’t know.


In the videos you have done so far, you always appear so colorful, with green, red colors and more. How do you come up with the colors or who makes the decision for you?

Well, the visual part of Periné is expressed through the music. Hecho a Mano is a very colorful album and it adds to the visual concept that we do. We work with a designer named Alejandra Rivas, she is in charge of developing the wardrobe based on the concept we give to her.

Interesting. Did she have anything to do with the video of Cou Cou?

Yes, she designed the wardrobe.

Nice, because it fit the video very well. Animated video, you guys walking around, pretty interesting.

In regards of the romanticism in the first album, is it based on the people in your lives or mostly yours?

The experiences that one has in life are the ones that in one way mark what one does. Some of those are my experiences, but not strictly about the experiences of every person.

But since you mostly sing, I assumed they were your stories.

There’s everything.

At this point, Catalina stood up to leave. I thanked her for the interview and got my picture with her. I really hope I can do a better interview next time, but I also hope you enjoy the content shared by Catalina with YAM Magazine.


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