Hecho A Mano: Interview with Monsieur Periné

The other interviewer asked them about their origins as well as their favorite music genres, which led to me talking back to Catalina.

I find it interesting that you listen to latin rock since I thought that you all had the same kind of taste in order to form the concept of the band, which is latin-swing-jazz. If I’m not mistaken, it’s tough to classify because there’s many elements.

Yes, correct.

What I like about the concept of the band is that not only you mix well these elements, but you also sound happy, romantic and this is also reflected on the videos that you made, in particular with Suin Romanticón. In spite of the tragic circumstances, the video was made anyways and you still appeared happy there.

Yes, that was a very particular episode because we also got our instruments burned.


But well, we had to finish the first video we were making and we wanted to finish it.

What a debut! If I recommend Monsieur Periné to anyone, that is my first song of choice. And the three other persons that I’m bringing to the concert, I showed them the song.They fell in love at the first time.



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