Heading Across the Pond – Interview With Patients

Back in May, Korean band Patients took to the streets of Liverpool and brought their roguish brand of punk music to Liverpool Sound City music festival. We’re no strangers to Patients and their music here on YAM, but it was a great opportunity for the band to expand their fan base and experience one of the premiere music festivals in the UK.

We spoke to bassist and vocalist Sumin Jo after their trip to see how they fared in their latest adventure across the pond.



Hello again! You toured the UK again in May, how was your trip? Do you have any favorite memories from your performances?

Hello to you too!  And thanks again for taking the time to talk with Patients!  We are really grateful for YAM Magazine’s support.  Our 2015 UK was extremely awesome!  We only played three shows this time around, but all of the gigs were great!  It was fantastic getting to meet up with people who came to see us play during our 2014 UK dates again.  And something that surprised us about this tour was that we sold out of all the copies of our new album, 18, that we brought before the tour finished!  We felt bad that we didn’t have any CDs to sell at our last gig during Liverpool Sound City, but we were happy that our suitcases were a lot lighter when we took them back to Seoul!

Did you have any time to go sightseeing and enjoy England a bit?

We wanted to take things easy when we weren’t performing so that our bodies would be in good condition for all the shows.  But Hyuckjang and I did find time to visit the V&A Museum to see the Alexander McQueen exhibition, which was remarkable.  And Jaehyuk and I did a bit of shopping to buy some clothes from some British brands we love.


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