Haunting Melodies: Interview with HEO

Here in the United States there are music industry people that say if you have 1000 fans you can earn enough money to support yourself as a band, do you think there is a way for this to work In Korea?
K: Actually a lot of bands around us back in Korea they CAN NOT make a living just with music, so they a part time job or a full time job. Like HEO? He has a job teaching the Logic at school. And also I mix and master the other guys’ music. And the rest of the band as well. So it’s really hard to make a living with just music in Korea. And then even in the USA, with the 1,000 fans? Back in Korea we have, maybe 100?

Do you think that’s because artist in Korea aren’t earning as much off of their music as artist do here?
K: Like merchandise?

Like music downloads, and itunes where artists are earning more money that way here.

K: Like Bandcamp?

Yeah, you guys put your album on Bandcamp, right?

Heo: We earn in a week? 1 beer? Maybe?

Photo Credit: Seoulsonic's Soyeon Jeong

Photo Credit: Seoulsonic’s Soyeon Jeong

Do you have any last words for our readers?

Boyeong: We were really glad to perform at SXSW and we hope you can keep an eye on the band and if we have a chance, call us back again to perform in the US!

K: I’m really honored to have the interview with you (not the readers, just you!)

Youngjae: I’m going to try my best, and thank you for the interview.

Heo: Conact us, please!

You can keep up with HEO via Facebook, and Twitter. You can also grab their music from Bandcamp and iTunes (help them earn a few extra beers!)

I want to thank all the members of HEO for such a fun interview, I really look forward to traveling to Korea sometime soon and catching them performing again. And I hope if you’re in Korea you seek them out, it’s definitely a band to keep an eye on.


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