Haunting Melodies: Interview with HEO

The music video for Luna was very haunting, but beautiful and memorable. Can you tell me a little about the concept and what it was like to pair visuals to your music?

Heo: In Korea, most music videos have a [specific style] we were trying to make it a little bit freaky and unique. Also the film director has the same taste with us, so finally we were all satisfied with it.
Freakily, beautiful, that’s our concept.

What’s your performing style?

Youngjae: When I play I like to think about My Bloody Valentine or Daft Punk, I like to play really hard, but also really soft at the same time. That’s how I communicate as a drummer.

Heo: Just for the guitar, he’s trying to express like a abnormal and not major, *points to Heo* “he’s a jackass, he used a hard sentence” Not like a major style, I like post-punk music, like really obscure sounds.

What do you think of all the people getting into Korean Indie music in the last few years? Do you think that helps you get noticed?
Heo: We have a place that’s like this South by Southwest it’s called Hongdae, I’ve been in Hongdae for 10 years, and I’ve witnessed how the scene has changed. The Korean indie is getting known world wide, not THAT well known like K-Pop, because of that playing and having fans in Korea has benefitted from that rise in popularity.

I know that I’ve listened to Korean indie for like, 10 years now.

K: What? Who’s your favorite band?
ME: I really like Yellow Monsters, I was really excited this year because Eastern Sidekick and Asian Chairshot came, I like Guckkasten, 3rd Line Butterfly is on my list, but I also like old stuff like Sunullim and Baekdoosan.
Heo: Two years ago I came to SXSW with 3rd Line Butterfly…
I know! I really wanted to come, but I live in Minneapolis which is far away. I drove this year which is about a 19 hour drive…
All: Woah.
K: So you drove yourself?
K: Wow


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