Hard Knock Life: Interview with HarryBigButton

HarryBigButton have been rocking hard in Korea for the last three years, garnering a strong fan following, and international attention. They’ve played numerous Korean festivals, and are hoping to move into the Western market soon.

They just released their second EP. I was happy to ask them a few questions and get to know the band a little better.

Hi! Will you please introduce yourselves to our readers?

Sungsoo : Hello YAM readers, it’s Sungsoo Lee, a leader of the band ‘HarryBigButton’.

HarryBigButton are 3 piece hard rocking band formed in Seoul, Korea.The band’s line-up has included Sungsoo Lee (vocals, guitar), Neil Smith (bass), and Dae-hui Kang(drums).

I love your band name – what was the idea behind it? 

Sungsoo : HarryBigButton is named for the slang term for a cheap-looking, vintage car stereo with chunky big buttons. Vintage and modern coexist in HarryBigButton’s music. I think it’s perfect name for our music style.


You just released a brand new EP this month, will you tell us a bit about it?

Sungsoo : Yes, we have just released our new EP Perfect Storm since our 1st full-length album Kings Life. Sound-wise we tried to achieve harder, stronger and deeper sound. We sent the final mixes to the Sterling Sound in New York and it’s mastered by Joe LaPorta who previously worked with Foo Fighters, Garbage and so on. Perfect Storm contains five new songs. It’s now available on iTunes. And don’t forget to check some of our recent live video clips on YouTube[1].


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