Glam is Back: Interview With Victim Mentality

Is this your first overseas concert experience? What do you think might be different from playing in Korea?

Yes, SXSW will be Victim Mentality’s first overseas performances. I don’t think the shows themselves will be that different. People in Korea usually get really excited at our gigs. I’m guessing the audiences in Austin during SXSW will be enthusiastic as well.


What are you looking forward to most about coming to visit the United States?

I’ve heard that the steak in Texas is great and I’m also excited about the beef jerky there. But the main purpose of our trip is to play music, not to eat! So what we’re most looking forward to is sharing our music with new audiences. The United States is the birthplace of glam metal. So we’re really excited to see how people there react to our songs.


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