Getting the Total Experience: An Interview with EE

What are the biggest challenges with being married and also working together? Does it create any unique challenges?

little e: I’ve never had any fears or doubts about my work. And after I met Big E my confidence grew even more and I felt even more pride about what we were doing. But once we had a child together, things became much more challenging. With having a child, it makes it much more difficult for us to manage our time for work and family life.

Big E: For me, the biggest challenges are always working with respect and doing a good job raising our child. As long as we can continue to do both of those, things with our work and family will continue to go well.

With such a vast array of musical styles mixed into your music, where do you take inspiration from?

little e: My biggest inspiration comes from Big E. I’m frequently inspired by his scribbles and thinking.

Big E: We’re interested in many different genres and are always sharing the things we enjoy and the ideas we have because we’re married. So I think much of EE’s work is created and developed by this constant sharing.

You have such a unique style of music, and it seems to encompass a multitude of genres, are there any musical styles you haven’t touched on yet, that you want to explore?

little e: We’re both open to all styles of music. I like music that gives me happy memories. It’s not about specific genres. It’s more about the feelings certain sounds create. As for exploring other styles of music, this is something we can’t answer yet. This is because we usually come up with ideas for sounds, visuals, and performances after thinking about a specific topic. Everything just evolves naturally to fit our ideas on the topic. So we’re also curious about what styles we’ll explore in the future.


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