Diandra’s 2019 Music Highlights


Morello & Euler Ribeiro – Toma Toma Riddim

Maybe the best club track of the year.

Tulile – No Te Contaron Mal

Straightforward mambero merengue with an intense dance break towards the end.

The Heavy Baile mixtape II is one of the best dance short films I’ve ever watched through to the end.

So much invention and energy!

Also via Heavy Baile:

Sonny Denja & Kermit feat. Heavy Baile – Pente e Rala (Sydney Sousa & Morello Remix)

Sydney – Na Onda Da Percussão

from the baile funk/funk carioca 150 beats per minute movement:

Mc Niel – Loucona De Corona (via DJ’s Ricardinho De SG, Jeffinho & Yasmin Turbininha)

MC Theuzyn & MC Xodozinho –  Beat Do Solitario150 BPM (via DJ Marcelo Joah & Xodozinho)

Finally, Tanzania brings us into the future with the emerging 300 beats per minute genre Singeli . This speedy sound has broken through to the Tanzanian mainstream (with help from the Ugandan festivals spotlight) for several years now. Here are my favorite two singeli singles from the past year.

Tatizo Pesa feat Dogo Janja

This last song intertwines some reggae/dancehall into singeli.

Man Fongo – Bwanga ft. Dully Sykes

Thanks for reading through my list of favorite music from 2019!

If you’re interested, check out my mix incorporating some of these tracks:

Diandra Rodriguez

Proudly Latinasian NorCal American.

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  1. Cy says:

    I DEFINITELY need to dig into these! There’s just WAY too much music in the world to keep up with it all… Hahaha.

    • Yeah, I’m sure I missed out on a lot from the year, but at least I was able to hear from these folks! Also, if you’re into dance, be sure to watch the Heavy Baile mixtape in the post if you have thirty minutes to spare.

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